President overturns UAE old car ban

President overturns UAE old car ban

The soon-to-be-implemented rule banning 20-year-old cars in the Emirates was overturned today by none other than Sheikh Khalifa, president of the UAE. It is just as well, considering the economic problems that are setting in, and new car purchases are the first thing that went down.

The move will bring relief to those who can’t afford a car newer than ten years old. Of course, the ministry that came up with the law says that it has only been postponed, as they figure out how to implement this rule in a better way. Either way, values of hundreds of thousands of used cars approaching the 10-year mark have already hit the gutter.

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  1. good for me maan!! 😆 😆

  2. that’s good news….

  3. Thank you Sheik Kalifa for your wise leadership.

  4. Good idea

    but also there is a need for better alternative than owning a car like cheaper and better transportation.

  5. This is what i said in my comment last week while arguing for xterra, rules of old cars will keep on changing, as now it’s not possible to buy new cars easily anymore. Almost all banks have started raising the minimum salary required for purchase of new cars, plus soon we won’t be getting cars at the interest rates we got earlier. 😆

  6. I don’t get it. am comparing my car a BMW 320 made in 1994 with a Toyota Camry 2008 model. My car emits 189 G/Km (carbon) and the Toyota 232 G/km. Mine is more pollutant?
    In matters of safety i advice you to drive a 2008 Hyundai Accent and see how safe you are in a new car.
    All matters related to safety and pollution are related to the car itself and to the maintenance of the car, not to the age of the car.
    If there is a need to push the low income ppl off the road to make way for the rich ones? fine also but provide alternatives.
    And by all means the timing of all this rules couldn’t have been worst. I was seriously considering leaving the UAE for good.

  7. is anyone facing big problems in getting auto loans?

  8. good news thanx God 4 such a gud news.

  9. 😐 What’s the point new car dealers have already increased their prices, because they expected an increasing demand due to the upcoming ban.

  10. You have a point Bader. with this financial crisis, prices should go down as demand is lower and they are doing this in USA but here its the opposite!

  11. Author

    I get a new email every week telling me my outdated prices in the guide are wrong. I couldn’t keep up with greedy dealer mark-ups, but now, the prices will most likely come down to what is listed in the guide, since no one can afford a car any more due to lack of bank loans.

  12. guys…for sure a good news…i was in nissan before two days and most of them are telling me that the prices will go down by a 20% for most japanese cars…all of them told me to wait for about 2 months….so this time the decrease in prices should happen. there is no other solution..and the increase in prices was because the value of the yen went up not because of the law of banning. and even if not by 20% but it will go down…i dont know about the other japanese car makers but just lets wait.

  13. Author

    The funny part is….Nissan’s American-built models have nothing to do with the yen, and their price went up too. Only Ford and maybe GM were honest here, as their US-built models didn’t increase in price since last year.

  14. Some of the price is not coming from the car companies but also there is an increase in price from the dealers.

    cheap the offical dealers website on the internet and compare it with the price we have here. Some even has the difference of 100,000 and that is alot of money to pay for the same car.

    I heard that some of the prices of the Jap car is going to increase because of the rising yen.

    I know Chevorlet increase the price and letting you know it from the ads which is kinda funny that they increase the price of 2009 instead of decreasing the price of 2008

  15. Referring to Salem’s opinion. I think he is right because if a car is popular and the sales are great the dealer can afford increasing the prices artificially. But when a car is not selling well then dealers are forced get rid of there cars on loss. Someone mentioned GM and Ford how can they afford to increase their prices when they are about to shut down.

  16. mash…the increase of the prices was for sure because of the yen…and i dont think that because some cars are built in america they dont have to do anything with the yen…lets not forget that the mother company is in japan, not america…now the decrease in prices in not just because of the yen…but the sales of all cars for all manufacturers are going really really down…and they need to find a solution to keep selling cars. this will be the reason to decrease the prices…and even this will be here, because even in this country the sales went down. so the decrease will be also here…because there is no solution other than this. about the american manufactureres “am just gona say, god be with them”, they need alot of money to keep working and the US government is not giving them money. they said the only solution left is to announce BANKRUPTCY. just lets wait and see.

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