Audi S5 coming to Dubai in 2009

Audi S5 coming to Dubai in 2009

Following months of secret hot weather testing Audi Middle East has now announced the release of the Audi S5 to the Middle East region.

The S5 is powered by a 4.2-litre V8 that delivers 354 hp with maximum torque is 440 Nm, good for a ho-hum 0-100 kph time of 5.1 seconds. Standard features will include Quattro all-wheel drive, 6-speed Stronic automatic gearbox, sports suspension and bigger brakes.

Compared with the basic A5, the S5 has exterior and interior styling tweaks, but they are too subtle to notice. Only the coupe will be coming to Dubai and the GCC for now. The recently-unveiled S5 convertible hasn’t hit production yet.

Anyway, ordering for Audi S5 coupe will start in January 2009. Prices have not been announced yet, but expect it to be beyond Dhs 300,000. Audi Middle East claims that “customers were eagerly awaiting the high powered version of the grand touring coupe,” although we say good luck with that. Most of their ill-informed customers probably cannot afford the loan payments any more.

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  1. waiting customers? didnt hear much about this car. how did those ‘waiting customers’ know about it?

  2. I love this carrr amazing

  3. Will be overpriced as usual i suppose.. 🙄

  4. the car looks great. alright I may might be bias towards Audi but I really think it looks good honestly. But the interior looks low quality…

  5. This vehicle has got a aggressive exterior appearance, which attracted me towards it…

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