Digital speed cameras for Dubai highways

Digital speed cameras for Dubai highways

UAE newspaper Gulf News reports that Dubai Police plans to install a speed camera every two kilometres on major highways. More details about the new digital speed cameras have emerged.

The paper quotes a senior police official, saying 30 radars on Shaikh Zayed Road, 22 radars on Dubai-Al Ain Road, 17 radars on Dubai-Hatta Road, 10 radars on Emirates Road, 5 radars on Al Khail Road and 5 radars on Business Bay Bridge will be installed.

Unlike the outdated film-based cameras currently installed, the new ones are Sensys SSS models and seem to be replacing every speed radar in the city. Contrary to popular belief, the new ones really are supposed to flash. If they currently aren’t flashing, then they haven’t been activated yet. However, they are only supposed to flash at night and in low light, and not in the morning, but we’ve actually seen them flash in the morning.

Also, the Sensys brochure on the internet states that these new cameras work by tracking a car from 150 metres away, and monitors its speed to judge how fast it is going. So braking just in front of the camera won’t work any more. They also monitor cars on both directions of the highway, and can track cars and trucks separately, on all lanes. They are also apparently linked to the police control room, and can take a clear photo of the driver, so expect fines if you talking on the phone while speeding. Also, undercover cars with mobile video cameras and radars are already on the streets. Good luck dodging Big Brother.

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  1. well, what should I say? guess these guys had to come someday… atleast our roads should be safer. A lot of concentration goes into talking to a person on phone. more than you think. cuz the brain has to process the words that the person speaks and then form an answer. its not just quick hearing and talking. very dangerous when driving. very few are aware of this.

  2. this is good….but do you think a fine of 400 or 600 matters to people who drive an Infiniti fx50 or a Mercedes CL63…I doubt it…

  3. niceee congrats dubai for those cameras

  4. Squeeeze money !!!!!

    Where am I supposed to go to speed then ? Whats the point buying fast cars if you can’t go fast ?
    Before some smart ass says go to the Autodrome, I’m saying I wanna drive fast not “race” and I fancy looking at scenery while speeding in blur rather than looking at chicanes and marshalls.

    On a entirey separate rant, I just found out that the “Sex on the beach couple” is going to be deported. Interesting that they have gone from getting three months in jail to getting a £200 pound fine and deported back to the UK. given that the average cost of a flight from dubai to the uk is £400, the government have gone from punishing them to rewarding them with cheap flights for the transgression.

  5. LOL. 😆 the government probably didn’t think of that. 🙄

  6. Author

    I’ve been pulled over by police 5 times in the last 5 years for driving while brown. Each time I was let go after a quick check of my papers.

  7. lol till now i have been pulled over by police only twice in abu dhabi…both times i played with police in normal cars…once i was behind a police guy drivin a normal honda civic and he was drivin slow on speed track…i was givin him dipper and after sometime i lost my patience and overtook his car and got in front of him n braked….lol after than he started givin him dipper and asked me pullover…lol after sayin lots of sorry he let me go…next time i overtook a police guy in a corolla in a very dangerous way and he stopped me within few meters and took me to police station…got a fine of dhs 150 and reason was overtakin in dangerous way….

  8. I think it not only the speeding camera that need to install in our roads to make it safer but it people mentality on driving have to change

  9. I was thinking about this. when they used to teach in the earlier days when UAE was younger these speed limits were stuck too more often as cars couldn’t reach these high speeds so easily with over heating or making strange noises. So these speed limits were fine for that time. But now, even crossing these speed limits with new cars is easy cuz you feel safer at these speeds when you dont hear strange noises and stuff and suddenly 80 km/h feels like turt speed. Just imagining how it would be if driving schools taught students how to control the car at high speeds and then

  10. speed limits would be increased to limits where these new cars feel ‘uncomfortable’ and the limits will be stuck to. really outrageous and impractical idea. I was just sharing what just struck my mind cuz I have not much to do here on holidays. 😉

  11. The driving mentality of people here in dubai will never change, everyones in such a hurry!! and most of the times its those people in damn corollas!! no offense to guys who own them… But the fact is speed cameras, stastically speaking do reduce accidents. But then again these stastics are put forward by the governing bodies who put the cameras there in the first place, as a sort of justification for increase in the number of cameras.
    I’d like to see the Dubai police bring out their stastics..

  12. Mentally also you get used to driving slower. I remember with the old speed limits, driving at 140 kph through Sheikh Zayed Road was normal the whole way. Now once in a while i go above 100. Personally I think its good basically because you are not being a nuisance to others on the road (flashing, overtaking from the right)and putting other people’s lives at risk along with yours but yes, it will be quite the pain in the a$$ driving at maximum 110 kph at 2 in the night when the highways are empty!

  13. These cameras had to come someday and I’m happy the cops are installing them. I’m a little surprised at Ace’s post. Yes, we all like to drive ‘fast’ and have our thrills but that’s what the ‘drome is for. They do not just cater to racing. For a sum,you are allowed to take your vehicle around for some ‘fast’ driving. Why be a nuisance on the road and put other’s lives at risk? C’mon people,lets please be a little mature and considerate towards others. Theres another matter of most people thinking they are really ‘good drivers’ and have ‘complete control’ of their cars. Bulls**t!!! The stats indicating how many people have died or have been severly injured clearly show how much ‘control’ these people really had while speeding.
    Another aspect to look at is the ability of a particular vehicle to travel at high speeds. I’ve seen vans,pick up trucks,Yaris’ or cars of similar sizes or smaller go at speeds they were not ideally built for. Why do people drive them this fast? Despite hearing of or reading about the number of deaths or injuries due to road accidents, why do people continue driving they way they do?? Odd isn’t it? 😐

  14. It isn’t odd. like you’ve read in my post, new cars have low levels of vibrations at high speeds compared to older cars and when driving at those high speeds, the driver doesn’t feel he will lose control. they are obviously wrong! I really haven’t driven above 120 for over a year now.

  15. Ive seen countless number of these Vans speeding along. Some of them drive it so fast!! But then again most of em are driven by people who are probably here on low wages and are emplyed as drivers!! I blame the authorities for not keeping track of these things..The only thing they’re best at is blocking off roads when something does happen..hehe

  16. I dont blame the drivers of Toyota Hiace though 😆 ..It is actually very tough to drive it below 120..I’ve driven one and trust me, that thing is really very fact, it is faster than many 2.4L and 2.5L sedans out thre! but yes, jokes apart; driving a Hiace or any similar vehicle at high speeds is insane!!..sadly enough, most van drivers are dumb, insane and easily provoked..most of the time, drivers in sedans like corollas, camrys and accords try to mess up with vans like Hiace, unaware of the fact that a Hiace actually has more power, whch the van drivers take advantage of and finallly end up getting involved in serious and dangerous road rages! What I say is, no car is safe at any speed above 120, be it something as big as a LC, something as expensive as a BMW or something as small as a Yaris..the size of the vehicle and it’s safety options will definitely have an impact over the people inside it; but nothing can save one from serious injuries or even death resulting from dumbness and insanity!

  17. the fine price should NOT be less then 1000 Dhs for each !!!!!!!!!!

  18. Radars in UAE……..????? Very Good………!!!!!
    Radars in Dubai city………???????? Excellent…!!!!!
    Man someone please show this thing to the Saudi authorities!!!!!
    I am an expat working there since the last 20 years or so…….There are the so-called ‘Radars’ only on Makkah expressway in some police cars which are visible from 2km away……..Nothing called radar on any other expressway (except Madinah expressway once every 50km in those cars). I live in Jeddah and frequently visit Riyadh(1000km). As an expat I am scared to exceed 120kph but those Saudis easily exceed 160kph in their modified H2’s. Noone stops them. They exceed eveen on the Makkah expressway in front of those ‘Radars’ but noone stops them. Once I was in hurry and went to only 140kph and was fined SR500!!
    And speaking about radars in cities, you wont find one even in Riyadh(capital of KSA). People easily exceed 120kph wherever they can and later cause a chaos on the road………
    Someone please do something about this………!!!!!

  19. The new radars have really helped on alkhail road..even though half of them are maybe not still functional, people are definitely driving more sanely. I remember 2 years back cars cutting left and right, people overtaking from yellow line, etc. Things have certainly improved. Stats may show accidents are increasing, but thats because number of cars are increasing like mad every year! Maybe with the economic situation and new stricter rules to be implemented on owning a car, things will slow down. Ignorant people will say they are putting cameras to make money which is a load of crap because i am certainly seeing the benefits.

  20. yeah, that last bit is true. critics are never satisfied. It must be human psychology that human’s always look for a negative impact or feature of something and decide its useless for them. nothings perfect but things do get better. and I completely agree with murf’s comment

  21. ZAO u really mentioned a nice fake story above lol

  22. [email protected] zao comments damn Funny KEKEKEKEKE

  23. there is something i noticed about the new cameras, the flash areas are yellow which i think dont flash maybe fake and the flash areas are white like a proper flash which might be activated, cuz i dint get flashed by it at 100 on a 80 road noticed that its yellow, the other one i saw flashing had a white bulb, maybe im wrong just telling what i observed

  24. well, your didgi cam doesn’t flash when there’s enough light. And these things are more advanced than a digi cam so do you think it doesn’t know when it needs to flash and when it doesn’t? The previous radars stored pix of Film, looked look at objects as just objects and took a pic if it was moving fast [even a bird maybe] LOL, and always flashed to take a pic. low tech.
    but the new one is a digital one, can distinguish between a car and truck or any vehicle and It flashes only when there is not enough light. gulfnews published an article about it on 28 Dec. Well… The article was actually about the RTA saying “radar detecting devices won’t be able to find the new radars effeciently”

  25. bsd my point is that the yellow ones might not b real flashes which dont work in the night also, so maybe they are not yet activated, the ones i saw flashing till now are the ones that have a white flash bulb and not a yellow “stick on” ! please observe if u can pass by it slowly not while your driving yourself that dangerous, but as passenger.

  26. I had noticed the yellow plastic since the first time I saw it actually. maybe those are, afterall not activated ones. maybe you’ll see white bulbs on those in a while once they are activated.

  27. and i see the white bulb ones flashing in the day time, on szr

  28. ???? do suspect light hit the reflector of the flash??? (glare)?

  29. take a look at this:
    Major Omar Mousa Ashour, acting director of the Activities Department at the Deira traffic department and supervisor of the speeding campaign, said offences caught on radar had also declined during the past period. He said radars caught 7,354 speeding offences on the first day of the campaign on December 21.

    On the second day, speeding offences caught by radars declined to 4,296 offences and 3,157 offences on the third day and 2,700 offences on the fourth day.

  30. nope it was flash im sure. the car was a g35 coming at me in the fast lane i was doing just below 120 n he passed me, it was a flash, its the one near harley showroom towards dubai, its possible they have “FORCED ON FLASH” also a note that it did flash right in front of the guy like 10-15 meters or so as opposed to the 150 meters! maybe the cameras are still in testing phase, n the same camera on the other side going towards jebel ali is the yellow plastic flash which doesnt flash, in the night as i saw a siren blaring police beamer wizz past it guess wat no flash ! but these cameras are more difficult to assess than the old ones and hence the reduction in offences hopefully they will activate all 500-600 of them and then fast car sales will go down 😉

  31. They dont flash 150m before, they detect the speeding cars 150m before the camera so that a speeding vehicle cannot slow down just in front of them,as oppposed to the older ones which you can simple slow down in front of them and get away with it,but the camera them selves flash right in front of the vehicle..

  32. both yellow and white flash guns are installed with these new radar cameras. Even some have black flash guns but all are very sensitive.

  33. 🙁 in my point of view these new cameras on emirates road are not fixed on the actuall speed limit of the road coz several times i noted drivers are speeding over then that limit but they are not flashed so wana know wether thos cameras are fixed on the same limit or over then that!!!!!tnxx

  34. same rules…

    limit is 80kmh – camera captures at & above 91 kmh
    90kmh – 111kmh and above
    100kmh – 121kmh and above
    120kmh – 141kmh and above

  35. If you think for one second, that installing speed Cameras is slowing people down you are a complete friggin Idiot.
    your a total moron.
    Its all about a cash grab and nothing more….
    the tax free city has found their way to make money and this is only one of them…the best way to make people drive safe is to pull them over issue them a fine and then issue them with dimarets on thier own licence and insurance premium that go up per individual violater.
    Not just nailing people when they re-register
    mailing people a ticket is not proper police work. its TOTAL BS.
    plain and simple..

  36. I think this is so unfair, putting this much cameras all over the city, not just the city but the country, and making people paying these fines. I just payed 6000 dhs for speeding and these things few days ago

  37. I believe its nothing more then a cash cow,Its all about money being collected. just look at how these morons still drive!! if I were to mail a fine to you and you get it a week later…… did it slow you down?

  38. the yellow 1s dnt flash and the speed limti u can exceed 20kms above
    in emirates road and Shk Zayed road its till 30kms above.
    in emirates road alternate cameras nly flash…
    but do drive safely 🙂

  39. and ya the fines also increase AED 100/10kms from the speed limit on the road……so be carefull

  40. Yeah they did write a lot of BS in that… it does not catch both sides… you can see the yellow cap where the flash is supposed to be, those are ones facing the opposite road, speed all you want. And they don’t catch 5th lane onwards… I haven’t tried the 4th lane, but 5th yes!

  41. The only Electric device i hate most in Dubai , i should b quicker then its click 🙁 1 more flash, oh [email protected]@t !!!

  42. It is good to take care of the safty of road, but i mean comone for god sake 600 or 700 fine, for god sake my salary is 4000 i pay 700 for god sake tear comes to my eyes, you r driving in one road limit 120 all of a sudden the same road become 100km limit and one picture 700 dirham, roads in germany is unlimited its only 3 line, in dubai its 7 or 8 line bt mashaalah some “ppl” in the fast line driving 80, and they dunno where to drive 80. They block everyone. And this makes ppl with life sick

  43. inspite of only issuing fines the voilaters must be put behind the bars because issuing a fine of 600 to one who is driving BMW x5 or Range Rover will suffer by this fine I don’t think so >>>

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