2010 Nissan Patrol spy shots leaked

2010 Nissan Patrol spy shots leaked

Update: I’ve been sent a threatening letter by lawyers representing the research company that held the event leading to the leak, just for this post that never showed the real photos. Therefore, I am being forced to remove references to the spy shots. The funny thing is, if they just asked nicely instead of using threats, I would’ve made this 4WD the biggest secret in the country.

I am aware that there are spy shots of the fully-exposed 2010 Nissan Patrol floating around on the net. The local media has been barred from republishing these photos by Nissan Middle East, with the threat of them cutting off all ties with us. Nissan neither advertises with us, nor do they prioritise us for press vehicles, but we are abiding by their request to not republish the photos here.

According to Nissan, the photos were secretly taken at a Nissan-hosted consumer clinic in a hotel, most likely in Dubai or somewhere in the GCC. These ‘clinics’ are sometimes held to collect the views of random people (or previous owners) on upcoming designs, before the full launch of a product.

The styling will be vaguely based on the Nissan Terranaut concept above, shown at auto shows in 2006. Speculation suggests that the 265 hp 4.0-litre V6 and the 340 hp 5.6-litre V8, already available in other Nissan SUVs, will be the likely engine choices.

The photos have been republished on various other American automotive sites. Below is a computer-generated reconstruction of how the 2010 Nissan patrol may look.


For local prices, specs and fuel economy figures on the latest models, visit the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. I dont think the design is as bad as LC200 cuz its not a dull design. Not my taste but its not dull as LC200. There definitely will be fans of this design.

  2. The model on top is just a concept and not the actual shape of the patrol. But that being said It’ll probably make more sense to just use the pathfinders 4.0 since its already got one of the most powerful engines in its class.
    One of the major criterias Nissan wanted to preserve was the off roading credentials of the Patrol during the design phase of it. The front for me honestly doesnt look all that bad but the rear could’ve been better.
    Now just wonder how good it would be off road..Lets just wait and see i guess, wonder of they’ve already started testing these vehicles or just used to gauge opinion for now since the middle east got a large portion of the previous gen patrol

  3. In My opinion, the grille of the new patrol is a bit too large. I prefer a grille to have it top and bottom edges to be closer than that to its logo. The rear is fine. doesn’t look good now, but it will surely grow on me.

  4. Ugly 😳 i see a mixture of the land cruiser, pathfinder and a mini cooper 😯

  5. looks like a fake land cruiser.

  6. how can you say its ugly if u just compare it to the patrol that is out right now… this is a beauty comparing to it!

  7. LOL. πŸ˜€

  8. Looks like it going to kill the sales of LC

    and with lower trims it will come with spare at the back

  9. BTW: those photos were taken in the Movanpik Hotel…i know it πŸ˜‰

  10. Dude assasin why do you hate nissans so much πŸ˜† It looks a lil more sharper compared to the LC..and where the heck does a mini cooper come in to play here,heheh..

  11. i was referring to the actual spy pics posted by assassin. i could see resemblance to a mini cooper from one of the side shots.

  12. :mrgreen: it will stay with both diff in the front and back…and with stronger engines :mrgreen: …i think its gona destroy the desert(since its even better than the old model)…and mash…you know that nissan dubai now in a very bad situation…it seems that one of the customers (nissan trusted him)took those photos although they didnt allow any cameras or mobile phones…and now he ruined everything…its better than LC from inside and some people are saying it can be compared with the lexus LX570…and the biggest surprize will be the engines and the transmissions …they said it will has the strongest choices of engines and trany..people are saying it will have a price around 243K (am not sure if thats true or not)…. πŸ˜‰

  13. 243K damn thats alot, lets just hope those people were wrong!! I just hope they have it priced below the LC, the old shape patrol was priced very competitively.

  14. guys..just saw the pics at car scoop..it does look a bit of landcrusier + pathfinder crossover..interior looks very comfortable..but then who cares..if vehicle is comfortable as well as good offroader..then money is well spent..i don’t think it will be below 170k from any angle..if they have really put it well together..and also don’t be too sure..who knows in the end..there will be a totally new patrol and they rename this as 2010 pathfinder.

  15. maybe that price is for top of the range with all gadgets. I too hope it’s price is competetive with LC200’s. Or maybe Nissan is aiming at escalde… 😎
    Escalde’s in the same class… right?

  16. ya guys this price as i know is for the top range…and the full options LC “as i know” is around 280K…and the guy is telling us for sure the interior can be compared with the Lexus in terms of luxury, and the off road performance is much better than the old model.. since they kept what people wants to be in this car for off roading(mohamad bin sulaim was responsible for testing it)…the diff locks (live axels), and this is missing in the new models for LC…i dont know whats left for the Luxury brand for patrol(Infiniti)…and the engines will be a 5.6(that is way stronger than the 5.7 Lexus) and a V6 (maybe 4.0 from pathy but tuned a bit)…the trany will be stronger than the old ones for sure. i dont know what is left for the infinit model since they will cancel the QX56 in the future…i cant wait to see it in reality…

  17. Author

    Hey guys, the research company that screwed up is ordering me to delete this post. Their lawyers sent me a letter. What should I do?

  18. since they did not bother to invite you, i don’t know why they want to sue you. looks like your ‘lowly un-ad worthy’ website is actually being followed by car manufacturers. i got the spy pics by email. i’ll make sure i forward it to every living soul i know. even post it on facebook. lets see them lawyers sue people for it. maybe they themselves are embarrassed by the looks of the new patrol.

  19. delete…you don’t need to get into any trouble!!!

  20. although you did not post any pictures…i think its not their right to force you to delete this post…your post is saying that the pics were leaked…but, if this is going to affect your relations with the company, then delete it…the pics are already in every website and they wont be able to remove them from every website…good luck man

  21. man, just change the subject to, the new nissan patrol will come here in 2010 or whatever matchs to that.
    thatsit(mohamad), 2009 LC full option costs 260K. the new patrol is having that ugly boring shape just like the LC, and also, it is impossible for this Patrol to beat the current Patrol in case of offroading. because the new one is much lower and got big rims (19 or 20 inch as i guess).
    so people who prefer buying a tough looks and great offroader SUV they should buy the Patrol now, before this Patrol disappears from the markets here.

  22. If they actually read the article they would realize that there isnt a single link to any of the leaked out pics..But if they are creating problems then i think it would be best to delete the post.
    And assassin they shape was drastically changed to make it look less utilitarian for the american market, but like i said before i think it has much more sharper looks compared to the elephant(LC), hehehe..The patrol is an offroading legend everywhere, so i doubt it’ll ever loose that heritage, and from what ive read from other forums the new one should also be capable of some good off roading..

  23. It weird that they are trying to sue you for something you got from another website that is American.

    Maybe they have low self esteem or something

    Let Nissan apologize for the Tiida ad too.

  24. The patrol does look better than LC200. anyway Mash, I guess you can delete this article. I don’t see the spy pix over here and no link to it but Its actually the title that says ‘spy shots leaked’. this must have been the reason they are after you. but, no need to get into trouble. delete it.

  25. well…delete it off Mash…letz hav no troubles!

  26. Edit: Sorry dude. I am being threatened with a lawsuit.

  27. source:2010 Nissan Patrol Scooped During Presentation – Carscoop

  28. πŸ˜› Nice Picture Bro Looks like Lexus LX470 Greate work Done :mrgreen:

  29. Author

    The law firm assumes I am a moron. At this point, they have no case any more.

  30. does this mean mashling doesnt go to jail? dammit πŸ‘Ώ

  31. hmm…but does it affect your relationship with the Arabian Automobiles???

  32. Author

    The lawyers bugging me are from the research company who organised the event. Nissan doesn’t seem to have any issues, since I never published the photos.

  33. So mash does this mean that everyone including autoblog, edmunds and carscoop are also getting sued?? Edmunds had removed the pics but the post is still there giving the details. If these guys are bugging you about this its ridiculous!!

  34. NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ‘Ώ
    They killed whatever made the patrol .. NISSAN PATROL !! its uglier than the cruiser and its feminine!! it was the only masculine car that only suited real men.. dont care about its performance.. my love for patrols will die with the 2008 just like my love for evos died with the evo ix..

  35. just get one thing right. thelatest fashion is making ugly cars.

  36. eeeeeeeeyy, the evo x is the best looking evo in the series!

  37. you bet it is! 😎

  38. well some men like me prefer a dark tiger http://tinyurl.com/2p9a4o over a blue bunny .. http://tinyurl.com/9lh5wc πŸ˜† n:

  39. That looks like a bunny???? if you don’t like blue get it in red or grey. or maybe you are not a fan of sharp european design.

  40. this is a pic for the comming Z370 during testing in dubai……and the new murano was with it during testing…both were covered…they might launch them in march 2009

  41. launching plan for Z370 leaked

    download PDF file from this link: in the first post:


  42. looks like the ford flex

  43. i want to know more about nissan patorl

  44. I think we all wanna know, but information on the next patrol will only be revealed later on during the year..Everything else is just speculation for the time being..

  45. ^^^^
    regarding the patrol>>>>
    some sources are saying it will have a 5.6 Liters V8 engine. as what i read in nissan-arabia website. it will have more than 390 Hp , and it will have the VVEL technology instead of the Vtec. the pics that we all saw will not be the final design for the car. two persons who were called to go to Radeson sas hotel are in Nissan-arabia forum. they asked them about any comments on the exterior design….they commented on the rear design and the front bumber and other parts….the interior as they said compites with the Lexus interior in both quality and technology….if you want to know more just open this link: (am soo sorry but its in arabic πŸ™ ):

    and assassin…if you dont want to read, or to write something good…its better to ignore an d leave than writing silly stuff. some people here want to know new news….good luck ya ra3e el LC looooool.

  46. Well, it will be a very hard competitor to the 5.7 Toyota Sequoia which is hitting alfutaim showrooms next month or may be in March!
    LC is something else; it is like a five-star hotel’s bed in case of driving it in roads and off-roads, and Lexus LX570 is a 7-star hotel of course.
    man i have a question about CVT cars. We just bought jeep patriot and the gear is fine but it gives a lot of vibration when the car is braked and the gear is shifted in D mode. is that a natural thing in cvt gears?

  47. mash, the 2009 tahoe got 6-speed gearbox. is that going to reduce the time of acc. i dont think that, because in our GMC the engine is strong in any of its speed. i think that will make it slower than before. πŸ˜•

  48. i didnt know the patriot had a CVT transmission..and no i dont think the vibration would be normal since it is new as well..but then again wut would i know..hehehe
    Ohh and thatsit, will the shape change dramatically??cos i like the front end of the patrol!!looks a lil like my Pathy, may be the rear could be a lil different but then again it’ll grow on us just like the LC..

  49. the LC still hasn’t grown on me. Large grilles just spoil a design…

  50. LC compared to the LX570 looks like a beauty….but than the lexus is as ugly as a errrr…Ssangyong!!! πŸ™„

  51. I prefer the LX over LC

  52. sorry assassin for being late…actually i just returned from scotland 😐 …the vibration in the CVT during braking of course is not normal…but i didnt get you question clearly….what is the source of vibration???? you mean the whole car!!! or the steering??? also what did you mean by “and the gear is shifted in D mode”, you mean after shifting??!! πŸ˜• ….
    about the patrol thing…now assassin you are talking about a totally different car…here am comparing the LC with the patrol…so lets forget about the others…about the 5 star LC…lets wait for people to decide if it is still a 5 star once they launch the patrol….
    spyke…right now we dont know what they are going to change in the car’if they are going to as, what they said’…but for sure, those VIP people gave their comments on the design..actually they are in the link that i added…one of their requirements was to try to change the whole design of the rear side because it looks so stupid???
    lets wait and see πŸ˜‰

  53. what were you doing in that country? people now go to Ghaza to give some help.
    and i’m sorry about the vibration thing in Patriot, it is a normal thing, i was stupidly compare it’s vibration to the LC.
    and about the new patrol, if i was with those VIP people in that Party, i will tell nissan company (( If you want to keep it like that, just change its name to LAND PATROLER or PATROL CCRUISER) πŸ˜† , well if you looked to the Patrol history, you will see that they are always copy what toyota makes in the landcruiser.
    but, the new patrol will be teenagers popular’s suv. because it will get 2wd drive mode, while the landcruiser is full-time 4dw. As you know those theenagers dont care even if they loose their souls just to make some drifts and wheelspins.

  54. i was waiting for you to go with you to ghaza 😐 ……..and good that the vibration was normal thing…regarding the patrol…i will leave it for time to tell…you know, exactly as whats happening with the altima. good luck man πŸ™‚

  55. yes altima 2.5 is great. and the white color looks cool. and it worth every fils that you pay for it.
    i’m with you in that :mrgreen:

  56. totally true :mrgreen: πŸ˜‰

  57. but the 3.5 altima is crap.

  58. does any one know if it will have solid live axles?
    from the pics it looks like an independent suspension- even in the rear! (previous owner of 1991 safari patrol wagon)

  59. i love nissan patrol and nissan patrol 2010 is chool πŸ˜• 2010 nissan patrol is bast nissan end the world

  60. Maybe someone in here can help me… I recently started working at DPR racing and im not having much luck finding info on racing performance magazines in the middle east…can someone help?

  61. Delete it ….. we have seen it all over in google images find πŸ˜€ , so just keep the text and say for images try your luck on google πŸ˜€ :mrgreen:

  62. i had 1993 model πŸ˜€ it was bold and beautiful … no offense to new design but its looks more curvy like a girl. πŸ™

    At least i need a bold look again so we get rid off out of body jumping rare and front lights. leave all curvy stuff for ladies jeep like prado (6) 😳

  63. πŸ‘Ώ it seemz parlel to land cruiser…
    tryn to copy lc or wat??
    but not bad, good qualiti 4 cheap prizz…

  64. Hey guys hi but i am not sure if you have gone through these pics which are vey good quality Check out the sites
    For info in English-
    Info in Arabic-
    Editor: We’ll get sued if we allow those links. Read above for details.

  65. Ugly!!!!! Seen the leaked photos, damn it’s ugly, what the hell were Nissan thinking??

  66. this is a bullshit model seems like land cruiser from front….and idontknow what from back…

  67. wtf is this wat were they thnkin copyin lc ..wtfff..man i a real nissan lover i dnt want this shit … πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

  68. Hey guys i know that this patrol feels its design being copied from lc but you must search in the net for the Infinity QX-56 2011 model and it appears the photos were taken again in the middle east i know i can’t give the link here but few american blogs and sites have shown the two pics.

  69. It was in the MyRide forums here before anywhere wlse. Maybe it is time you joined.

  70. i liked this model because it looks like Lx570

  71. BTW: the pics of the infiniti model were taken in USA..in a PREVIEW event…secret for some infiniti dealers there…
    and both the patrol and the infiniti are 100% japanese…not like the armada or the present QX..

  72. Automotive Design is going in a very gay direction these days…

  73. iam waiting for realman nissanpatrol perfomence

  74. Being a Patrol Fan, its safe to say for me that if this is what they call brand new Patrol than they definately have killed the Patrol Image & I would be more than happy in sticking with 2008 model. For me this is an end to Patrol era!

  75. In my opinion there is something forgotten in Nissan Patrol main philosophy…
    Patrol is like wild being – living mostly wild and where others are not capable. …and sometimes Patrol enjoys urbanization fog. The totally other philosophy is for SUV’s who are made for civilized places and sometimes it can deal with wild part of nature.

    Simplicity – parts easy to fix or replace in any conditions. Parol cars are hard fighter with nature and weather challenges…. and sometimes with my ambitions as well. I am well familiar with Patrols – starting from 3.3 TD, 2.8TD and 3.0TDI….. I am thankful for simply technical solutions, high technical quality and long service of parts made so far.
    I have spent many hours in the dust or garage fixing my Patrol …..and…. that is kind of meditation for me….I have a lot of positive emotions and memories when dealing with my GR…..because all technical part was excellently projected for me as a user to repair it.
    Simply design is the bonus for me – because I am happy to fix scratches and dents with my hands and it is much easier when working with simply design parts. Thank you Nissan for That! I am Patrol patriot if I may say so. Please save those previous qualities and simplicity of service – main key philosophy of Patrol. Those who are choosing to have Patrol are happy to have extras, chrome, cd …but those are additional, nice items but not choice points, priorities for having Patrol. Design –robust and simply – that’s it. Otherwise – Patrol is on the way on line with Pajeros, Fronteras, X-terras, Troopers, Pathfinders, X-5 and so on….

    I hope someone from Nissan will read this small text for further considerations. There are thousands of Patrol lovers on the globe – because you did well before and I wish you to follow in patrol previous – wild fighters philosophy steps. Good luck!


  76. what is the price of nissan patrol 2009 2010

  77. its not a man’s truck anymore….it has become pussified…I mourn the death of a legend

  78. ^ r u out of your mind, this is just fantastic…. you are on your own buddy..

  79. ^ look at the previous models and compare the whole package and you will find out that the previous patrols were nothing more than a Japanese redneck truck but this new one is all civilized, Lexus like and feminine in a manner that is unbearable; aiming it at a whole different market.. This is not the nissan patrol philosophy and ‘times have changed is not an excuse’ for changing what is already a perfect formula… Ask the previous patrol owners..

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