2010 Chevrolet Camaro debuts in Abu Dhabi

2010 Chevrolet Camaro debuts in Abu Dhabi

The hot new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was shown for the first time in the GCC, at the 2008 Abu Dhabi Auto Show. The Camaro will hit Dubai showrooms late next year.

Alongside the Camaro, General Motors also debuted the Chevrolet Cruze, the Chevrolet Malibu, the Chevrolet Traverse, the GMC Sierra Denali, the Cadillac CTS-V, the Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition and the Hummer H3T.

All the models will hit GCC showrooms in the coming months, except for the Cruze and the Malibu, which will be on sale closer to April 2009. The Camaro comes later in the year.

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  1. this is just awesome……
    i hope gm doesnt get bankrupt before it’s release….
    and any idea about the price???

  2. hot cool gorgeous definately bold bumblebee, does feel better than mustang also

  3. saw at the Dubai Auto show last year…wasn’t allowed anywhere close to it…I wonder if its the same at the Abu Dhabi show… 😕

  4. yeah i saw it in motor show…its awesome…also cruz, malibu and traverse…other than that ther was genesis coupe, kia soul, lexus LFA etc…

  5. nop everyone is climbin inside the camaro and challenger…most of the cars they were allowin the ppl to climb inside…

  6. hey guys hots news…check out this link…

    Edit: Sorry, man. Nissan wants to sue me.

  7. was there a lot of people…???
    I’m planning to go there on Friday….

  8. yeah there was rush…i went early at around 4:30 and came out by 7:30…

  9. rush is bad…argh…I wonder why they have such terrible timings for the show!!!

  10. dont tell me thats the new patrol

  11. heard the abu dhabi motor show sucks ….is it true guys?

  12. auh motor show wasnt that bad…but yeah many major brands were missin…bmw, mazda, VW, porsche, audi, aston martin r in missin list…

  13. argh…just like the Sharjah auto show…

    this recession is really getting to the manufacturers….I’ve heard a lot of them have backed out of the Detroit show or something….

  14. what’s the price of AD motorshow tickets and where to get them?

  15. Hmmm.. difficult to say if the patrol pics are just of a concept vehicle or the actual end design, but from what i see, it doesnt look very nice.

  16. So umm, one question, why so late? I mean, isn’t the camaro released in the US by feb 2009? and is there any news on the pricing for the v6 and v8 model in the UAE yet? (and if there isn’t, how much do YOU (there’s no italics buttons here) think it’ll cost mashfique?)

  17. Yo thatsit(mohammed) where u at bro?? i thought you said the new patrol will have a 5.6v8 to compete with the LC’s. Wonder which part of the middle east the pics came from.
    Anyways, for those who went for the autoshow, how much were the tickets??

  18. Author

    amin, I put a guessed price in the article where you commented by mistake.
    zao, we already discussed the patrol pics in the impreza wrx post.

  19. how much is the price for the new camaro

  20. Is the camaro going to be here in the V6 variant???

    The US market also has a V6 Variant of the Mustang that isnt there in Dubai i guess.

    What do you think the price of the camaro V6 will be if it launches here.

    The Prices given for the different variants are as follows

    Camaro LS $22,245
    Camaro 1LT $23,880
    Camaro 2LT $26,580
    Camaro 1SS $30,245
    Camaro 2SS $33,430

    Do you think the prices in UAE will be anyhwere close to these???

  21. Author

    Most likely will start at 100k and top out at 180k, if not more.

  22. Any idea of the pony cars’ launch date in UAE ??

    I would go for the Camaro 2LT version 3.6L V6.
    so i expect to pay around 120k

    Do you think the car is worth the price ??

  23. I don’t care wut anyone says!!!!!!!!
    Camaro’s are the S**T!!!!!!!!!
    Yea, u heard it rite here, 4rm a Mississippi Chick!!!!! Man Down!!!!

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