Subaru Impreza WRX STI now in Dubai

Subaru Impreza WRX STI now in Dubai

The economic crisis is bringing about some unexpected benefits for car enthusiasts. Cars which were previously in high demand in America are lying around unsold, and that stock is now being dumped onto the GCC market by various manufacturers. The latest one to do so is Subaru, as their Impreza WRX STI is now officially available in Dubai.

The 305 hp WRX STI hatchback is one step short of a rally car, as well as a direct competitor for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and previously only available on special order or via private imports. Ironically, we only found out about this new launch after seeing an awful ad for it in a free copy of Wheels we picked up somewhere. For more details on the car, check out our previous report on the Japanese 2.0-litre turbo version. However, the American 2.5-litre turbo version is coming here. More details here.

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  1. Cool! we’re getting good cars for once! Prob is, Subaru doesnt actually have the best customer service so, I wonder if ppl will dare to go to the showroom. Can tell its a great car just by looking at it.

  2. any ideas on the price???

  3. Its pretty expensive…I’ve asked about the 2.0(not the sti-the normal 2.0ltr engine) and it was around DHS73K soo..i think this one is about 100K but its still cheaper than the Mitsu Evo.

  4. Thanks for the update on the Sti, I have been keen on these for ages and I like the new look. I spoke to the dealer in Dubai and they have a few units that are Euro spec only, which are not offered with a warranty. It’s a shame as there is a good market for cars like these so I don’t understand why the Subarau dealer doesn’t do what Al Habtoor are now doing with the Evo X, and offer a GCC spec car with a warranty!!!

  5. Oh yeah and the price is AED171,000 which is alot!

  6. Author

    Thanks for the update.

  7. AED 171,000…ouch!!!!

  8. 171, 000 AED? weell, one with that kinda money could just get a… whats it called? GL or G? the new small SUV from Merc Benz. And you get more in that!

  9. yeah the GLK.

  10. FYI fellow car lovers-
    Its AED 171 grand for the STI and the WRX is 131 grand.

  11. It really shows the level of knowledge poeple have on this forum . Oh i have 171k , hmm should i buy an ugly as sin GLK because its a mercedes and It will make me look rich or should I buy a subaru .

  12. I’d never buy the Merc GLK over this…never!!!

  13. introducing the new 2010 Nissan Patrol.

    Well, if the new LC looks bad, then we shold say “the worst” for the new Patrol 😆 😆

    Edit: Sorry, man. Nissan lawyers want to sue me.

  14. more than half of UAE’s public are just… could call them robots that are programmed to get the products who’s name is ‘respected’ or popular or just the dumb thing called resale value… so that half of UAE’s public will just get the Merc over a Sub just to follow their ‘programming’.
    True, that GLK is ugly. And I’m not favouring it here.
    But what has this car got that it costs 171k? I’d just buy a V6 sportage or a Mohave. its cheaper and they’re SUVs.

  15. Author

    Nice photos, assassin. I just got a general email from Nissan saying anyone who publishes those photos will be cut off from Nissan. Would be interesting to know where they were taken. Looks like a secret launch party, possibly for dealers only.

  16. yeah, that could be a secret launch party.
    and as the e-mail says that it will carry only 6-cylinder engine, and the price will be 245k Dhs.
    but i dont know why they erased the car-name that written on the front plate?

  17. that doesn’t look like any of the current Nissan line-up…hmm…and by the looks of Nissans reaction, it’s the real deal.

    Anyway, looks heavy, bigger, has small wheel arches (so no balloon tires), skinny stock tires, less clearance, an ugly rear and front end and a lot of disappointed people…

  18. da STI iz hawtt!
    specially da rear….
    i would luv to have it with a red on black trim with bloody red wheelz!! :mrgreen:

    as for the glk….thats a nice COMPACT suv!!
    and itz quite practical considering the econnomic crisis of dis tym…….

  19. assassin’s rite this one’s ugly alrite and in the same league of landcruiser. Just like the” good , bad & the ugly ” thats the trend for most automakers

  20. 😉 Guys how can you compare super sport cars such as the subaru STI with an ugly slow suv. This car is a real competitor to the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, and it is priced only one third from the price of an average Ferrari or Lambo. By the way even if I was looking especially for an suv it wouldn’t be the GLK again. I will prefer to buy an infinity or an murano for an expensive suv, and outlander or forester for a decent suv.

  21. That patrol doesn’t match my taste but I won’t say its worse than LC200 cuz LC’s design is dull but the patrol even though not my taste has some… spark.

  22. and then boris goes further and compares a mohave and sportage to a wrx sti

  23. awesome , nice engine power

  24. I was not comparing the mahave and STi. I very clearly said I’d (thats me, my opinion . If I had 171 000 AED, I would spend it on an SUV rather than a car! Now, please leave me alone!!!!

  25. [email protected] leave me alone hahahaahha 😀

  26. no problem man,

  27. well my comment is.. this car is not a US spec its EU spec so i dont think that is was stocked from the US market and dumped into gcc.. and it has nothing to do with the crises the car was here since december.. its their bad luck to have the car at such time.. And about the dealer they couldnt get the car officially previously or why do you think a dealer wouldnt want to have a car like this? with such a high demand?? the car isnt available in GCC spec guys!! about the price.. how much is the EVO X?? and compare both cars and check the results urself.. and g?? common ur kidding me comparing suv car and sti!! this is a hard core sports car!! it has a rally core.. and about the warranty i think the evo was sold previosly with no warranty but now since its a gcc spec it comes with a warranty.. and for guy who wanna retune the engine and add more power why do you need a warranty for? it will fall of anyways after retuning isnt it.. its a racing car for guys who love it 😉

  28. Before an hour I was at the dealer, I wanted to buy it but I got disappointed when they told me its EU spec and only 1 year warranty.
    So If I get this car with EU will it work perfectly without any problems in Dubai?

  29. Waleed, Mitsubishi EVO X calling…..

  30. I am few inches away from buying a legacy or Impreza they are incredible cars, strong and they are the best i’ve ever seen for their cheap prices.
    Legacy is like 90,000 AED if you take something close that would be Nissan Altima! but Nissan has nothing to offer comparing to this long history of Rali cars and the beauty of design and the pleasing trip that it offers and by the way it’s the manufacturer that came up with the All Wheel Drive concept and brought it to these saloon sporty cars.

    The one offset that I am really worry about is that there is extreme ignorance in Dubai about this car because of the terrible agency that is handling it, which makes me more worry about the service of this car? Would the agency be as bad in service as they are in marketing!

  31. Author

    ^That’s the big question

  32. @Rima, im probably guessing yes. There never have spare parts..!!i have a fren who has the STI WRX and they told him it would take at least 3weeks for parts to come. No matter what the parts were.

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