TEMSA buses built in Egypt now in UAE

TEMSA buses built in Egypt now in UAE

Who would’ve known that Egyptian-built vehicles would one day roll around Dubai’s streets. Al Habtoor Motors recently launched the Temsa Safari SD luxury bus in Dubai. TEMSA is a Turkish company, while the Safari is from their Egyptian factory.

The Safari SD “combines European standards of technology and Turkish ingenuity,” has an overall length of 12 metres, has aerodynamic contours and an unfussy interior. The coach, designed to make long-distance journeys more relaxing, offers ergonomically-designed reclining seats with adjustable pitch, strong air-conditioning and reduced noise levels.

Temsa’s Egypt facility manufactures buses and serves as an export base for the surrounding markets.

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  1. wow thats a great news now i think other arab and muslim countries will build some thing INSHALLAH.

  2. malaysia, pakistan already manufacture cars/truck under licence.. u could have just googled

  3. We started with that bus and inshallah we will have more in future

  4. I read about this before… also Temsa Egypt facility has the capacity to manufacture 1000 coaches and midi coaches per year in one shift. The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and manpower of over 750 people.

    nice, very nice.!!!

  5. And very soon dear Ahmed Taha, TEMSA will come down Central and Easten Africa where transportation is waiting for this wonderful Solution of road travelling, Imagine tomorrow TEMSA will change the image of Safari ( Trip, Travelling) in All the Africa. Insha Allah,TEMSA !!! PROUDLY OURS.

  6. Now we started to produce Tourmalin city bus

  7. can i ask for the contact details like tel and mail pls for the office in dubai

  8. The Company is mine. The Pentagon

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