Ford Fiesta as UAE special-edition 2009 models

Ford Fiesta as UAE special-edition 2009 models

Ford Fiesta
The 2009 Ford Fiesta has just hit the GCC market, and to celebrate, Ford dealers in Dubai are offering 24 special-edition models, with each one sporting a unique paint-job.

The Fiesta is available in the UAE only come with a 96 hp 1.4-litre engine, and all the special-edition models are showroom-stock beyond the exterior paint and special numbered badging.

Ford is also auctioning off the red-black car numbered 1 of 24, at an online charity auction on that hilarious website (whose users have yet to grasp the concept of online auctions).

A press launch was held at some shady outfit called The Chi in Dubai. Having seen the car in person, we initially thought it was covered in stickers, but it turned out to be an actual flawless one-layer paint-job with sharply-done detailing. Bidding start at Dhs 50,000. The other 23 cars are on sale at the dealer, with a few already sold. Just remember to force the dealer to get the necessary permissions for registering a car with that many colours.

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  1. will this edition allowed in dubai by RTA, considering their new rule for stickers. RTA always has to come up with some stupid rules!!

  2. srry these aint stickers.. but anyways wanted to take my anger off for RTA..

  3. UGLY!!! all of them….
    and a 1.4L….you must be kidding me… 😯

  4. only 1.4 and they make up for that with these fancy circus cars to show they care for dubai customers?

  5. this proves that what i said is correct..those dealers know that many people here have the money and at the same time stupid (sorry for that, but it is a fact).

    since when our dealers or even the mother companies care about the GCC maarket…AND WITH SPECIAL EDITIONS 😯 😯 😯 πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† …F**k that…and the soquia is another example from toyota (they want to get rid of the garbage they have in the us market πŸ˜‰ )…and the biggest one is the price of the GTR here in our countries…they were sure that if they gave the car a price of 600K-700K some people will buy it without thinking that they were fooled by the company (looking at the prices in another markets)… i hate how we are still treated in our countries…we recieve the cars with alot of missing options and with higher prices than usual…and people are fooled by sending this crap for us here…if i want to buy a car from now on…i have to think not million times but million and one before i go for it…this thing makes me mad… πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ … they call it special edition..i call it stupidity …good luck ford

    • 2 years later, it is still the same; the GCC consumer is seen, for middle market items, to be gullible but with cash to spare, so anything that doesnt sell elsewhere, just ship it to the GCC !
      The brochures come with features in Arabic, yet when you ask them, the reply is “sorry, the GCC does not get it’.
      You would think we live in some island off Madagascar that dealers dont want us to burden us with features lest we backwards savages get confused.
      The fault lies with consumers also; I overheard a customer saying Tiida is better car than Ford Fusion because “resale is better”…..

    • I think car resale is an important factor when it comes to decide what car should one buy. And it is especially true for non-car-enthusiast people. Most of us are expats here and there is always a possibility that we leave the country to some where else and you need to sell your car for cash as quick as possible.

  6. FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily

  7. hey how about FORD= For Our Retard Drivers. πŸ˜‰

  8. Hey I got a Ford Fiesta 2005 model. It was a good price paying for the car at that time. I never had any problem with my car from the time I have bought it. The Fiesta is the best selling car in Britian so that says abit about the car but the pricing here is unbelievable right now. 75K for a car that is smaller than a toliet is a joke because you add because you could buy a Ford Modeo, Focus, Fusion…etc for the same price and that is Ford cars not other manufacturers.

    Now the new Fiesta Titium cost double the price. Yes it got so much option but that does not have to jump the price like that.

    Another thing is tha the prices here is high not only because people are stupidly spending money. But because those people who spend there money due to a good job securitiy in this country.

    The prices ae coming down but not what I expected to be. I hope it goes down further.

  9. I hv nothing against ford. its Ford UAE that suck!

  10. supposedly the proceeds from the Auction on are going to charity…

  11. So am I the only one who is complain about the Ford dealer service in the UAE?

  12. ford generally makes to lower standard than toyota, honda or nissian. they work fine in cold/temperate conditions. in UAEs harsh condition they will bearly last 4 years max. look around how many old fords do u see running around.

  13. well..i seriously nevr had any probs wid the Ford cars or service ever, till now..wid regard to UAE’s harsh climate; when the outside temperature goes above 45 degrees, my car’s a/c does hav probs in cooling the interior; but thre are only very few cars which i’ve seen with a/c’s that good..and about service; they are way better than the Al Futtaim anyday; be it their pricing for parts, service quality or service costs! And about old fords on the roads, i do see quite a lot of 4-5 years and plus old explorers, focuses and mondeos running widout probs on the streets! And talking about their standards, compare the new mondeo’s quality with the new camry and accord; and then lets talk..i’ve noting against the japs and neither i hav anythin for the Fords; but dont talk crap when you dont knw much about the brand or their products!

  14. but dont talk crap when you dont knw much about the brand or their products!*******

    RE: lol clearly u r noob

    ford had quality performance issues for as long as i know them. new mondeo good? floped in OZ and honda accord despite being expensive still was on top. the aussie are hard bunch to impress.

    and u your self pointed out issues with performance i.e. AC not good enough? lool it is an oven here 247! …. and yes toyota, nissan and hondas do have decent AC. which is why people buy them. people r not as silly as u thing, there is a reason why ford cars suck.

    4-5 years??? old ford running??? i have seen 15 year camry running very well….lol clearly you didnt get the point

  15. I dont wish any bad for any one…for the ppl who are driving japanese cars…U will not know what is the meaning of the safty… and stabelity till something happened to u…then u will recognize the safe cars and the unsafe cars

    the madness when the sales advisor in ford or in any reputed brand explain to you about the safty, and the feature, and still stuk on the idea that toyota is the best

    GOOOOOO for japanese and drive safe plzzzz and leave the american and the reputed cars for the ppl who knows in cars and technology more than you :))

    Fiesta is just perfect… i tried it in garhoud showroom… lovely

  16. prado buddy…itz vry apparent tat u r a hardcore japanese car’s fan..but doesnt mean u shud b blind towards it’s shortcomings…firstly, 15 years ago ppl out here nevr gave the fords a chance coz it was obv vry costly to maitain while being sorta unreliable…15 year old camrys do run very well…agree to it..however, things have changed….i see 2003 model camrys breaking down and coming up wid all sorta reliablity issues while 2003 mondeos and focus run almost perfectly…and i can bring u live example of a guy who is goin 2 giv up his 2003 camry for a ford…forget the 2003 camry; ask ny taxi driver abt the new camry and lets see how many of ’em like it…coz the new ones are evn more worse and less reliable!..while the japanese cars increased their prices and became soo overconfident that they started 2 b’lieve that their cars wud sell evn if their reliability / quality wasnt gr8 enuf whch in turn led to ’em manufacturing cars wid lesser quality year by year, the other manufacturers like the mazdas, fords, hyundais, kias etc worked hard to improve the quality and reliability of their cars…and finally, things did change…

    about the a/c…i nevr said it had a bad a/c…on a hot day whn the temp soars close to 50 degrees, i havnt seen any yaris, corolla, camrys or even accords with freezing interiors!! its not coz of the brand, itz the heat!..Altima is an exception here though..that has the best a/c…

    and abt ppl being silly…well, u will knw the answer for urself coz u r blind right now!!..and dont talk abt the popularity; chk the news and u can see a sinking Toyota, and less popular over-priced Hondas..the left-over ‘rusting’ 2008 stock whch both the brands hav on their yards still unsold is the example…i dont think any 2008 fords are still available for sale! evn if thre is, it isn’t as bad as them not being able to bring anymore cars to their yards coz thre is no space!!

    Except for resale, none of the japs can be regarded as “the best”…however, i quit talking to u long as u r biased to the core, thre is simply no point…no more replies to u no matter wotevr u post..i’m sure most of ’em out here will agree wid wot i said..I own (and hav owned) a jap car as well, tat xplains how unbiased i am!..i’m not sayin the jap car(s) u own is useless..but for sure thre are better choices thse days…hav a nice day buddy!

  17. Ok for those talking about safety of american cars over Japanese, here’s a little story for you: Had a friend in a Honda S2000 – pretty basic a roadstaer as you get – driving with a top down, something happens on the road and the car is forced into a ditch and rolls 7 times before coming to a stop – TOP DOWN! The friend – fine, with some scratches on his arm. I, unfortunately, witnessed this myself so…

    Please go on about safety of American cars over Japanese. I am sure each cars has their good and bad points – go and flip a Fiesta 7 times and let us know how it goes!

  18. As safety for the Fiesta is much more stable than the Yaris or other little car and Jermy Clarkson has a vid to demonstrate and I own the older model.

    The problem with some people here that they make there own review on the car and they really never owned it. It like you talking about type of food without even trying it and saying how good or bad it is.

    As for comparing Honda S2000 cs Fiesta is absurb. If you know that s2000 has a 50/50 ratio also you friend might be lucky. talk is cheap anyway. I could say I drove into a lorry and it rolled 18 times and nothing happened to my car or me but that would be damn lie. beauty of the internet.

  19. by the way I own a 2005 Fiesta for about 4 years it is my first car.

    I commented on the Yaris because I sat on one and know. I drove also Corrolla for my brother and it has couple of problem. The engine and gear is okay but the bumper for the 2003 model or that range alway seems like coming out of it. Te trunk seems like very light. But overall it a good car.

    Ford have improved it product quality and realibity and for it price around in the market it is a good idea to take a 2nd look on Ford espeically if you Explorer costs about 100K compared to ot the LC which is 190K for the v6

  20. let us be frank man
    u cannot compare S2000 with Fiesta
    both of them are in totaly different category !!

    fiesta is opposite the yaris and tida and swift
    if you want to compare sport cars then u go for honda S2000 VS Mustang or mondeo! am i right ?

    am not saying you are lieing..NO but it could happen and this diffenetly dosenot mean that japanease cars are not light weight…no they are very light, unsafe, and getting old very fast

    by the way in 1996 i hited someone was walking on the street and he flyed in the air around 10m ..can you beleive that he stayed in the hospital for two days only !! it happened with me..this is finaly fate from god…but we take the reasons to be safe first. πŸ™‚

    anyway am working in Ford… and i am inviting all of you to visit me for test drive…

    if any one interested plz contact me

    [email protected]

  21. American or jap ?
    Buy the safe ones !

  22. Actual fuel consumption is so high for this fiesta. 7 Km/l on city driving and 10 km/l on highway driving! No solutuon from Ford until Now!!!!

  23. Author

    That is pretty bad. How did you measure those numbers?

  24. Reset the odometer to zero after filling up full at the petrol station. Get the reading on the next empty tank signal. 50 Dhs= 36.3 Liters
    Reading/ 36.3 l = Km/L. Tried for City driving and highway driving.Totally dissapointing!

  25. A silly car made sillier..

  26. I dont know what option I have now with Ford with this situation telling me were sorry to hear that fuel consumption is high because this is ane model and we dont know what is the solution to this issue….and we are working on it! Can anybody help me with this problem besides Ford????? Govt cosumer protection? if we have one in UAE

  27. Hello Every one, Interest places to speak about this car !!

    First of all I would like to represent my Self as the owner of FORD FIESTA No. 1/24 yes the Red one.

    First thing I would like to say for all people who said that this car for Stupid Persons I need to clarify one thing that I was over the vision of the benefits of this car.

    Once I see the advertising of this Car my aim wasn’t to win the Bidding and drive the car to show that I am the winner of FORD FIESTA 1/24 NOT at ALL ( This isn’t me )

    I Bid and Won this car because I would like to participate in an event to help the charity in different way, where the Money goes totally to the children in Dubai Center For Special Needs.

    This Made me very Happy and Proud to own FORD Fiesta 1/24 .

    Finally I would like to thank every one who worked and participate to make this Car a piece of an exclusive art.

    Hussain A. AL-Sayegh

  28. Author

    Good for you, Hussain. I saw your car before it even hit the auction. My fingerprints are on it.

  29. Ford may be an American brand, but the Fiesta is a European car and a product of Ford Europe. There is a definite difference in that… Same goes for the Focus, so all the argument about the safety of American cars over Japanese does not seem to go well… Still I do love the Fiesta…

    Regarding the Jap cars, they do have excellent air-conditioning and reliability, but when you drive a car with a well sorted chassis and a sporty engine, there is a perceivable difference… I don’t have anything against Jap cars either… I am not a car racist πŸ˜‰

    Imagine a movie like Mission Impossible, it has all the right ingredients, the right star cast, lots of action… entertainment, it is brilliant and it was made to sell… this is the mass marketed Toyotas, Hondas, Merc, BMW etc. exceptional good cars… now think about a movie like ‘Children of Heaven’ No action, no drama, but a truly spectacular movie… it might not appeal to all and that is the point, it was not made to make money, the director only wanted to make a brilliant movie… that is the equivalent of a truly spectacular car… one they say has a soul…

  30. Author

    ^Hehe. Haven’t seen Children of Men yet. Will do.

  31. and serivce of al tayer group suck so dont buy ford u wil suffer to service ur car come we wil send PADMANI best service from india and shame on jaguar TATA buyes it lol…

  32. Dear Ahmedinajad,

    This is my first FORD car, I have been treated well for the time being, The workshop take a good care of my car and my self.

    I own a couple TOYOTA and you don’t wont to hear the Story, when ever I take the car for inspection OR Repair they Brake some thing which is not related to the Job and easily they say NO one work in this area,,,,,

    Last time I call the supervisor and shown him that I have paid for my car and I am expect to bring it to the dealer to have a perfect service but what ? they don’t care and that way many of my friend shifted to better place’s to have their car to be maintain instead taken it to AL-Futaim Motor…

    The mainly thing that shows is Not respecting the Customer !!!!

    FORD and with my FORD FIESTA I feel more confidence.

    Regarding TATA Group they are a big company and they bought a couple other companies specially after economic crises, this not mean that the production line shifted to India and it will get worse NO I respect that Company as it rise and Successful company in the Global.

    By the time I am Happy with my small European Car but my Favorite is my 4×4 Mercedes which I imported from USA, It’s Awesome and it’s shows the engineering behind the Engine and future system.

    Best regard,,

    Hussain AL-Sayegh

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