Opel Ampera is Euro version of Chevy Volt

Opel Ampera is Euro version of Chevy Volt

Opel Ampera
The American Chevrolet Volt has already been revealed, not quite ready, but confirming its final form when it does hit production in 2010. Now Opel, GM’s European arm, has revealed its own version of the Volt, calling it the Opel Ampera. While the play on the name is amusing, what is more interesting is the Ampera, just like the Volt, claims an electric-only range of 60 km, with a total range of 500 km aided by a small petrol engine.

Opel Ampera

The prototype Opel Ampera will be launched at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show. For more information on its mechanicals, check out the Chevrolet Volt. The only difference is the Volt uses a 110V socket and the Ampera will use a 220V one.

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  1. such a nice looking car…. 😀

  2. Electric Range of 60km…. 🙄

  3. Dont they get better names… Volt sounds kool but ampera frm ampere??? boring…

  4. I think is more like Renault Laguna than a Chevy 😎

  5. The american Volt hase a very ugly front grill. The ampera is better but……”Ampera?”? Why not a Thunder or a … something. ‘Ampera’?. And, beeyng a Opel……probably is not gonna be to expensive. Opel, Renault, Fiat’s…….almoust the same.

  6. Watch ”DACIA” on Geneva Auto Saloon.

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