Emarat 4x4 club hosts ladies day offroad

Emarat 4×4 club hosts ladies day offroad

A year-old club in the UAE called Emarat 4×4, in association with the Dubai Offroad Club, regularly arrange off-road trips for members, and last month they organised a “ladies drive” for women who wanted to try dune-bashing.


A planned excursion took place on February 27 into the sand dunes of Al Awir Area, with help from marshals and other crew. The convoy took off early morning from Dragon Mart and returned in the late afternoon after lunch near the sands at Hatta.


The club will host more such trips in the future, and organisers can be contacted through their online forum at emarat4x4.com.

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  1. where is my pic there and i cant see any gals 😆 just kidding everyone im a part of this group and had alot of fun on the ladies drive!!!!!

  2. Author

    For a minute there, I thought there were some pretty manly girls at this event, judging from the photos.

  3. Mashfique,

    If you read the email which I sent to you, I have mentioned the names of the female members and their 4x4s as well.

    As far as I know I have been asked to give the photos of the cars in the Drive, Nissan Petrol was driven by our Marshal Saeed.

  4. Author

    It’s fine, dude. I was just kidding.

  5. nice! dont see it often ladies dune-bashing 🙂

  6. see mash…. wrangler.. cherokee.. patrol… prado… but NOT A GRAND CHEROKEE…

  7. i like this program

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