2010 Kia Sorento unveiled at Seoul Auto Show

2010 Kia Sorento unveiled at Seoul Auto Show

2010 Kia Sorento
The all-new 2010 Kia sorento was unveiled for its Korean home market, at the 2009 Seoul Auto Show. The existing 2009 Sorento is a truck-based offroad-capable midsize SUV that never sold well in major markets, including in the GCC. So Kia decided to turn it into a car-based “crossover” SUV instead.

2010 Kia Sorento

The new Sorento is larger, and integrates Kia’s latest corporate grille as the brand attempts yet again to create its own identity. Therefore it has a front-end similar to the new Cerato, and a rear end that mimics the Mohave.

2010 Kia Sorento

Kia ditched the old truck-like body-on-frame structure and designed an all-new car-like monocoque bodyshell with room for seven occupants.

2010 Kia Sorento

Cabin features include keyless entry, engine start button, reversing safety camera, built-in sat-nav and optional panoramic glass sunroof. The top model will be equipped with a six, eight or 10-speaker audio system, with MP3 and iPod connectivity, plus built-in or external amplifier and a new sat-nav system with a 6.5-inch screen.

Engines include a 172 hp 2.4-litre 4-cylinder with 225 Nm of torque at 3750 rpm, and a 273 hp 3.5-litre V6 with 335 Nm of torque at a high 5000 rpm. Both engines come with variable valve timing, and offered in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive form. Depending on engine, gearbox choices include a 5-speed manual or automatic, or a 6-speed automatic. four-wheel-disc brakes are standard, and wheel sizes vary from 16-inch to 18-inch alloys.

As with all GCC-spec Kia products, most safety features are optional rather than standard, including ABS, stability control, hill-start and a tyre-pressure monitor.

The Sorento should continue Kia’s current adherence to excellent build-quality standards, and with the new engines choices, it should offer a very competitive product in the popular softroader segment, effectively handing over offroad duties to the Mohave. Expect the new model to quietly debut in Dubai and other UAE dealerships by the summer of 2009.

To keep track of local prices, engine specs and other details for the current model, visit the Kia Sorento buyer guide.

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  1. hey get this! the new 3.5 lambda engine is QOHC!. thats eight valves per cylinder. its tech so new, its not even on wiki!

  2. the Korean version come with a 10 speaker JBL sytem. other markets will get Infinity sytem. One dash mounted speaker, tweater and a speaker on each front door one speaker on each rear door, one speaker on each D-pillar for the 3rd row and one sub-woofer located on the left side of the 3rd row. its a 7.1 surround

  3. Author

    Quad OHC (QOHC) is just a fancy way of saying DOHC. Quad means 4.

  4. Not bad. Not bad at all actually.

    I’ve been looking at Kia and Suzuki these days with some interest. They are making some pretty good stuff for folks not having deep pockets for the over-priced & over-sized Japanese offerings in the SUV segment.

    The front looks kinda odd on this, but I’m sure they’ll have a great price on this to make it a serious alternative.

  5. I’m gonna look up that QOHC thing again. it could be two cams on each side of the ‘V’ and, like mash said, just a fancy way of saying that

  6. God….what is happening to KIA

  7. Mmmm Ugly Looks With Ugly Name

  8. Rhymes.. u r right

  9. Thanks to FX50 this KIA has a head light.

  10. look cool but not every thing you see in a pic is the same real life also the options between here and America, Europe varies alot

  11. it wud be nice if we get the sky lihgt. and eazy_mas, this time its gonna be a bigger difference than before. This sorento is gonna be produced in US itself at Kia’s new factory in Westpoint, GA. they might just have their own options which wont be available in other places

  12. I don’t mind driving one of this. :mrgreen:

  13. Looks very cool. I ganna wait for this car to hit here in UAE to buy it & I hop like what Mashfique said that it will arrive at the summer of 2009 since sometimes the dealer delays the new model to sell the old one.

  14. pls sell rate sorento 2010

  15. its look nice.it seems to new landcrouser from back view and modern than santafea from front view. i like it. pls let know about the price and colors and trims. 😉

  16. yeriiiiiiiiiiiiii goddddd new sorento r 2010 😆 😆 😆

  17. gooooooooooood sorentoooooooooooooo 😀 😀

  18. I hate al majid motors so bad! I know they will remove all the good features and sell it here.

  19. i want to know prices of sorento 2010 in dubai for trnasfer to iran

  20. hi
    i want to know price of sorento 2010 with motor
    3/5 l with white colour and cream cabin.

  21. call 800-KIAUAE (800542823). maybe they can tell you.

  22. I decided to buy sorento 2010 3.5L white with
    cream cabin I want to know final price.

  23. hi, i resolved to buy KIA Sorento 2010 3.5L, I want to know car price and transfer to iran.

  24. Not bad.. Not bad at all!!

  25. Wow… It looks like the new 2010 Kia Sorento going to boom in UAE..
    I like the design and interior,front bumber, LED, and specif
    I like some Korean cars, but this one is going to be my favorite 🙂
    Im seriously interested to buy this one, it will be proudly stay in my garage with my first GMC Yukon.

  26. It is already in showroom in Dubai. Price for full options is 110K AED. However, interior is not like in pictures, some options are missing, no bluetooth, navigation system, LCD screen. Rear view camera with a screen in Rear view mirror, however, no parking sensors.
    One more car out of my list. Now only ix35 still leave some hopes.

  27. Ok, so when will this be available in the UK

  28. i want to know prices of sorento 2010 in dubai for trnasfer to iran, & how much? in UAE thanks for answer.

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