Rolls-Royce considered top automaker in UK 'superbrand' survey

Rolls-Royce considered top automaker in UK ‘superbrand’ survey

Rolls Royce 200EX
Rolls-Royce was voted the second most powerful superbrand according to a survey by The Centre for Brand Analysis, climbing up the rankings as the BBC and British Airways fell off the top-ten list. The UK-based company, who compiled the survey through a panel of experts and 1500 businessmen, say Rolls-Royce slid into second spot, only beaten to the top spot by Google. Note that the survey was conducted only in the United Kingdom.

On a more local note, the automaker’s Abu Dhabi dealer is among the top five Rolls-Royce dealerships in the world in terms of sales, and was actually the top dealer in 2008. Every Phantom sold in Abu Dhabi is apparently customised via the optional ‘Rolls-Royce Bespoke’ program.

Rolls Royce will be expanding their line-up soon with a ‘smaller’ model, currently code-named the 200EX.

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