Range Rover Sport 2010 gets power with facelift

Range Rover Sport 2010 gets power with facelift

2010 Range Rover Sport
The handsome but aging Range Rover Sport has been given a mid-life facelift. The change is notable for the fact that it is the first upgrade under Tata ownership. And that upgrade entails a 510 hp supercharged V8, among other updates unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show.

The most notable change to the exterior involves the front end, with a new grille, front bumper and LED headlights. The side vents have grown larger, while the rear gets new tail lamps. The rest of the car looks largely the same, except for new 19-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels. The cabin design has become more subdued and ultimately more boring, although the materials are said to have been improved.

Most importantly, there are two new engines in place of the old Jaguar-derived units. The first one is a 375 hp 5.0-litre V8 with 508 Nm of torque, good for a 0-96 kph run of 7.2 seconds. The second is a 510 hp supercharged 5.0-litre V8 with 624 Nm of torque, good for a 0-96 kph run of 5.9 seconds. Neither model burns more petrol than their previous versions, but the performance is still off the mark compared to the competition. Both comes with a new 6-speed automatic, and handling is now sportier thanks to a new active air-suspension system. Interestingly, Land Rover now claims that servicing is only required every 24,000 km, which is the same sham being pulled off by BMW for the past decade.

Other new features include paddle-shifters for the Supercharged model, chassis refinements including active damping, new brakes and updates to the Terrain Response system, optional surround camera system with tow assist, adaptive cruise control option, Advanced Emergency Brake Assist system with Forward Alert System, and variable-ratio steering, along with a premium CD stereo with support for USB devices, and electrically adjustable side bolsters are available on the front seats.

The 2010 Range Rover Sport should be hitting UAE and GCC showrooms by the end of this summer, to complement the countless Range Rovers already crawling the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

To keep track of local prices and specs, watch out for updates in the Range Rover Sport buyer guide.

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  1. Huge power increase compared to the current outdated units..Will probably cost 2arms and a leg now..!!

  2. spyke you for got it also a kidney with it 😀

  3. OMG! its magnificent!

  4. thats awsome man.. 500 hp booo gr8 …
    love to buy…

  5. Damn forgot bout the kidney lol…

  6. Man, it would be a dream to own that! but I want my arm, leg and kidney, lol.

  7. man i would sell 2 kidneys and throw in my mother to own a masterpiece like that. lol

  8. never been in this car im going to get one when i am older

  9. “…Land Rover now claims that servicing is only required every 24,000 km, which is the same sham being pulled off by BMW for the past decade…”

    Mash, could you elaborate please, how is it a sham? Do you mean that coz the dealer offers free service?

  10. Author

    BMW used to recommend service every 10,000 km up till the late 90s. Then they started offering free service for 3 years, so the intervals magically went up to 24,000 km, even on the same car models, with claims of “low” maintenance and “lifetime” gearbox fluid.

  11. That is interesting.

    So it is probable that 24,000 kms is sufficient and earlier on they were carrying out more than needed services to earn those “Extra Bucks” OR it could be that over the years, tech has improved on these models allowing them to run more mileage OR least likely BMW and RangeRover could’nt handle the number of vehicles coming in for service. >;o)

    By the way, I was driving down the Sheikh Zayed Rd. the other day and I saw a New Landrover Defender with a TATA badge on the back of it. >:o)

  12. wow man i love this car
    i wish that a have one ;D


  14. samantha r u 16? so m sure ur daddy bought u a car only for a cleaning purpose lol..

  15. me is not a comment i like this car very much and am eletician iwas wark land rover i drop out from school no cash i like 2 go no with my dream please help me if u can. I am like 2 work with land rover campany please thanks.

  16. lovely car! solomon ur very funny man.but will try to help

  17. waooh!!! what a magnificent piece of art work…..MY DREAM CAR am so buying you soon…so help me God


  19. now and then something big would come up and never come back, this is one of those. kidneys? no, too small

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