So we got a 2009 Infiniti G37 Coupe

So we got a 2009 Infiniti G37 Coupe

I first saw this exact red Infiniti G37 Coupe at its UAE launch in Dubai more than a year ago. Since then, magazine after magazine kept grabbing this press car from under us for their stupid comparison “tests” against the BMW 335i, until the red car became so “old” that we didn’t bother asking for it any more. Anyway, since my request for the Nissan GT-R was pushed even further away (as expected), I asked for a G37 Coupe to pass the time. It turns out that red car is still in press circulation, with 16,000 km on the clock, and the abusive scars to prove it.


It is not the first time that a cool car has been delivered to my home, but the novelty factor of having it delivered by a flatbed-truck was enough to bring a smile to my face.


The G Coupe is undoubtedly a very attractive car. No other coupe in its category looks any better. The BMW 3-Series coupe is starting to look dull already, and the over-hyped Audi A5 looks like every other Audi in the past ten years.


While the left-and-right “intakes” on the front bumper are really blocked off by black plastic, there is nothing fake about the rear. Dual exhausts, circular LED tails and a lip spoiler complete the styling.


The interior boasts massive front seats, and the driver’s one is adjustable every which way. Unfortunately our nearly-loaded car did not come with the bum-ventilation option.


The dashboard styling is acceptably non-boring, although this look is starting to become common in all Infinitis. Most of the materials are high-quality, but we found enough hard plastics below-the-belt to see how they cut costs when compared to a 3-Series. We still liked the gauges that move with the steering-wheel adjustments, the big shifter paddles and the computer that has a touchscreen as well as buttons for inputs. Unfortunately, some of the metal-look plastics were heavily scratched and one of the wood panels on one door was already falling off. We are not sure what to make of that, considering this is a heavily-used car.


The biggest surprise was the rear legroom. It was as comfortable as sitting in the back of a Civic, once in. People taller than us will crack their skulls though.


The luggage area is long, but very shallow. All that junk is not ours.


Even with its lesser attributes when compared to a BMW 3-Series, the G37 Coupe is still an awesome car. We don’t need to come up with another stupid comparison to say right now that the BMW 335i is better than the G37. But if we were in the market for a right-sized luxury coupe, we might actually consider the G over the 3 based on price alone. The looks and expected reliability are bonuses, even if some of the trim is trimming off.

For the full performance review, keep track of upcoming updates in the Infiniti G37 buyer guide.

What do you think?



  1. thanks mash for the pics and info..
    i liked the third and the last pics … 😎

  2. most of the american test shows Genesis coupe is as good as G37…

  3. no fog lights!

  4. ^^^
    there are fog lights…
    just try to find out where they are ?!?!?! 😉

  5. pricing? your car guide says 174-210k .
    is it still the same or is infiniti offering any discounts? besides the stupid “free service for X0,000 kms”

  6. Author

    All dealers are secretly giving discounts. All are open to negotiation now, but they will never advertise that, considering a few will still pay full price.

  7. Hmmm BMW killer!!!!!

  8. Any chance of getting your hands on the new 370Z soon?

  9. Author

    nope. nissan was supposed to send me on a free trip to drive one in France, but i am from a terrorist country, so i didn’t get a visa. Stupid @%$%%@#ing French embassy.

  10. What’s the difference between G37coupe & G37s?

  11. True bmw killer…i own a bmw and i tell you the bm service is pathetic, they keep charging me random check up charges for faults which are nt even fixed..lst month check up cost me 6000 dhs n the probs still came up.
    never get a bmw…the service and reliability is ugly!

  12. Hi Guys,

    I know that this is not relevant to this chain post, but could any1 tel me whether the New Civic Si will be coming to the UAE market??

  13. You didn’t get a visa….that sucks!!!
    Haven’t you traveled to any of the other western countries before??

  14. Author

    not since 9/11.

  15. hmmmm am looking for one right now lool

    but i a have a question in my head making me crazy

    is true that there is NO IPOD plug in the car???

    i realize that GCC spec are different from the US i mean they have the AWD option lol

    but seriously if there is no IPOD plug this car will fall out of my eye??…i mean even KIA car have that!!

    plus, can you tell me the differences between the 2008 and 2009 model??

    Thanks You

  16. The G37 is a fantastic car.. does it come only with wood grain, i mean since its a sport car, does it come with crome or kind a metal look is inside…

  17. 2008 got 5 speed auto,
    2009 got 7 speed auto
    there is auxiliary input in the car to connect mp3 players. not an ipod alone one that you can control thru steering wheel.

    yes it comes with aluminum trim also instead of the wood

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