Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser 2010 replaces V8 engine

Toyota recently announced the 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser is going to get a new engine and transmission option, retiring the long-running 4.7-litre V8 to replace it with a Lexus-derived 4.6-litre V8. The upgrade is only for the Japanese-market model currently but may spread to GCC and other markets later.

The new Japan-spec 4.6-litre V8 dual VVT-i engine produces 318 hp at 5600 rpm and 460 Nm at 3400 rpm, mated to a new 6-speed automatic. The previous 4.7-litre made 288 hp and 445 Nm of torque, with a 5-speed auto. It is assumed that the 4WD system and other mechanicals remain the same.

It is unknown at this time whether the 2010 Land Cruiser for the UAE market will be receiving a similar engine change. Regardless of any changes, the big 4×4 will continue to be popular in Cruiser-crazy markets such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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  1. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got 1 before 4 months and now they get a new one so soon …. DAMN japan …..

  2. Big Deal! The American spec Land Cruiser has a 5.7-liter DOHC 32-valve EFI V8 with dual independent VVT-I; 381 hp @ 5600 rpm; 401 lb.-ft. @ 3600 rpm and a 6-speed electronically controlled automatic overdrive with intelligence (ECT-i), sequential shift mode and uphill/downhill logic transmission. The exact same engine found in the Sequoia.

  3. Hey thats good news but i have also read somewhere that the 2010 Nissan Patrol/safari is going to go in production this December and will launch next year. so i guess nice competition is going to be there

  4. Hey Mash!

    Here in KSA i have seen a lot of V8 landcruisers 5.7 and V6 is i think 4.7… or may be i am wrong….. please correct me if i am wrong…

    But seqiuoa clearly mentions 5.7…..

    Whats the deal bro….

  5. Author

    The GCC-spec ones are listed in the guide. The 5.7 LCs may be imports from USA.

  6. Yes Mash!

    You are so right…

    People here love US cars and they are big fans of GMC, Chevy, Caddi and Ford (Especially crown victoria and expedition) ….These are the brands you’ll find on almost every street of KSA.

  7. thats really bad.. i hve 2008 vx-r… sad for me

  8. dont worry guys this one will also be stupidly overpriced. go buy something else 😆

  9. hey mash how r u doing ?????? mash have u got any idea how much will the body kit of the Toyota Land Cruiser cost ????????

  10. Author


  11. Does anyone know about the American Spec 5.7 V8 version’s desert capability? Is it just a bloated engine or it performs in the desert and gives proper desert performance?? On paper its as usual idiotic…in the US you get 5.7litre 380bhp engine while here we get the stupid 4.7litre 231Bhp engine which is just about the same or less in Bhp terms as a Prado. Where’s the logic? I hope someone can tell me about the 5.7 litre American spec version in the desert.

  12. i don know where you got your facts there buddy but, the new 4.7v8 is rated much higher than 231!! its got close to 270!! with slightly more torque than the previous 4.7l..I dont understand what you mean by desert performance?? but the 5.7ltr engine is very powerful, its the same engine in the tundra as well as in the sequoia..If your talkin about hot weather testing, then the sequoia is now in the GCC and there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with that engine so far..

  13. Hi is there is any new news about this subject? Thanks

  14. hi all, plz who nows when land cruiser will change from out side and inside ???

  15. Well the LC will not change from inside and outside for a long time since its still fairly new.. 😀

  16. landcruiser’s both v6 and v8 is a high performance substance for deserts…
    landcruisers extreme capability for off roading which is the best in the market is slightly better in the v8..
    however significant erformance differnce is found while drifting the landcruiser in the desert dunes…
    also the landcruiser v8 has awesome towing capacity..
    landcruiser is “the perfect 4wd suv”..

  17. I came quote close to buying the new VXR V8 last month but something inside told to wait for the 2010 specs. Thank God, now maybe I will get to buy the new engine which is 4.6 Lexus engine. 😉

  18. woow men this my dream car somebody help me please to get this car,heeeeer LAND CRUISER you are nore 😮

  19. if it was about 200,000 the full option I could look into it or at most 220K but 260K is abit too much consider also the insurance and stuff

  20. the 4.6 V8 would be te best choice for families who care about fuel.the current model (v8 4.7) is weak. 4.0 V6 can beat it sometimes. However the new engine is retuned down from the orignal power (370 Hp) 😀 {good for UNICHIP). It is the same engine used for LS 460 LEXUS. the summary the 4.6 V8 is better fuel mileage and power. However if u have tried the V8 5.7 there is no way you would buy a GCC spec. t 😯 he LX 570 has it but the car is alot heavier and still awsome power.

  21. i dont know what i said for you LAND CRUISER 2010 it’s SCORPION.

  22. when did toyota announced that they r changing the land cruiser engine.i asked one of the salesman of toyota and he said there no change in engine of land cruiser. if i m wrong or maybe the salesperson didnt have info, so plz do send me some proof.

  23. is there any changes in toyota land cruiser 2010

  24. is the duabai version 2010 model carries the new engine…..of land cruiser cause i got one and will be delivered anytimne till next week which i got it directly from dubai

  25. hey guyz am looking for the new 2010 landcruiser but does any one knows when is it actually comming int oyota showrooms ?? i would like to know the prices who so ever has bokked and when exactly itwill realease in showroms so we can buy


  27. hi friends
    i live in tehran
    i want to buy land cruiser VXR V6.
    so it s so important to me to know full options aboout land cruiser v6.
    is there any body there to inform me about the options of this SUV ?
    thanks for understanding.

  28. yes big engine then pay more for the gazoline
    still japanese need more experience in this

    You feel yourself sitting in a parrel with engine while you are driving japanese car
    stability below zero , airodynamic isnt known

  29. very good i wish i have this car

  30. WTF man we just got the Land Cruiser 2009 VX and yet they produce 2010 model … fuck dude

  31. japanese car
    make me crazey.. i hope to make a very good bussinus in my country Egypt (pying and pahssngers…..etc.

  32. the 2009 Lexus SUV has the same engine as the Tundra and Sequoia . I don’t see a performance problems here in the Gulf , Japs have wierd way of how they equip and sell their cars in the Gulf or the world .

  33. Hahaha ! You’ve loss

  34. Hallo, i need a 4,7 ltr Landcruiser engine.Please send me a Offer! Christian

  35. Many of the salesperson are not that informed of what is coming from the market. You will get more info from this website than any salesperson in the UAE

  36. Land cruiser V8 5.7
    Land cruiser v8 4.7
    Land cruiser v84.6
    Land cruiser V8 diesel
    Land cruiser V6

    Same car with 5 different engines ?!
    and i want to know why the 5.7 is not available in the Gcc?!

  37. Seems like Car middle east got to drive it…

  38. Author

    Hey man, don’t advertise those punks here. Haha!

  39. Why do you think I put it in the wrong news section… 😛 😛

  40. In terms of power and accelaration all previous and current “Gulf version” Land cruisers are actually unimpressive and even pathetic so the increase in horse power of the 2010 land cruiser is welcome news but not quite enough. The Sequoia (which is cheaper than even the 6 cylr Land Cruiser) has a 380+ of horse power 5.7 Ltr with 400 lb/ft (500+ NM) of torque. It is the exact same engine found in the LX570.

    I have a 2009 Sequoia which ,in the Gulf, comes only in Rearwheel drive but the straight line aceleration is thrilling. It kicks the ass of all the Tahoes and the Denalis and Escalades and even the 2009 Rang Rover Supercharged, but not the new 2010 RR Supercharged which now has 500 horse power.

  41. Hii Guys ..
    eMM CaN u teLL Me WheRe CaN i GeT Thoes RiMs .. ?

  42. Toyota is the best. specially the l;and cruiser

  43. we have this car its so cool

  44. its really f******…i just got 2009 model n they changed up again..damn it…am not gona buy any landcruiser now..its really dicouraging..

  45. Hey guys
    Hope you all doing alright.
    I’m interested in buying 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser VXR V8 with the fullest options. I’m wondering how much will it cost me in US dollars and from where can I buy it?.

    The specifications needed
    • Dubai Version • 4.7L 271HP V8 Gas Engine! • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission with manual mode! • Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)! • Smart Entry – • Smart Start • Leather Seating Surfaces and Door Sidings • Power Seats – Front • Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof • Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel • Touch Screen Audio & Climate Controls • Tri-Zone Climate Control System • Cool Box • Floor Mounted Full Size Spare Tire • 3rd Row Seats • Rear Luggage Roll-Away Cover • Back Up Camera! • Full Options! • Top of the line model! • Color: Green Mica Metallic on Beige • Crawl Control
    • Touch Screen Controls TV DVD

    your help is really appreciated


  46. Your 2010 land cruiser is grossly overpriced. You will get a 5.7 liter v8 cruiser for about 56,000 dollars in the united states

  47. Its overpriced because it sells and the dealers will of of course take advantage of it! I dont think you will ever see as many in the U.S. as you will in a day over here.

  48. this is very special for me. I think it is useful to diver. I really want to dive it now.

  49. Is the 5.7 engine going to be available at Gulf Countries for land Cruiser?
    If yese, then when?

    When is the 2010 plate (as year of production)is going to arrive?

  50. Hihi!!! I am looking for 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.7L V8 with the fullest options. Please let me know where can i find the best offer in UEA?
    How much is it cost in USD?

  51. jeff. are you planning to buy and use it in the uae?? as iam dealing with cars. i can get the best possible rates in town. email me at ismail3d…@… gmail……com

  52. can u the me the price of 2010 land crusier luxes

  53. Hello everyone,
    If someone is interested on a Land cruiser 2010 fully loaded dont hesitate to contact me at bashir…@…royaltymotors….com
    will provide ocean freight too,
    Thanks and good luck

  54. waooooooo gr8 hit by toyota


  56. It looks very good car. Could you please tell me about the full option price for 2010 LC car.

  57. bahaha nissan tower over toyota,there new engine has 400bhp

  58. the new Nissan patrol has an amazing engine…but a crappy looks XD

  59. ^ watever u say lc is better than patrol

  60. ^ watever u say patrol is better than lc

  61. how much it coast ?

  62. hello sar my problam speed sansr no aktiv

  63. I’ve lived in KSA and had several Land Cruisers and now back in the the USA, I have a 5.7 TRD Supercharged Sequoia with Magnaflow exaust. With this said, I now have over 520 HP and 575 Ft of torque. My 0-100 is around 4.5 sec and I can go way over 240 KPH. I wish I could try it in the desert around Riyadh.

  64. hey all

    im searching 4 a supercharge that fits on the land cruiser 2010 4.7 Liter

    they told there is autralian trd supercharge

    so im confused
    can u help me ppL?

    contact me on my email
    [email protected]

  65. Hi, Toyota designed the best car, the pride of the land. Land Cruiser 2010 full option. is my love of life.


  66. Mashy im hearing rumours that the 5.7L V8 is in town now..any reports??

  67. Author

    Haven’t heard anything yet.

  68. the 5.7L V8 381 BHP LC will kill any competition

  69. They trying to get rid of the land cruisers quick by offering ‘discounts’, maybe 2011 is getting the 5.7 litre

  70. Then the safari models should at least come in 4.7ltr.

  71. Hi,
    I want to buy a new Toyota Land Cruiser full options 2010. Could you please tell me How much Land Cruiser Full Option 2010 and/or the new Nissan Patrol 2011?

  72. I am looking for 2010 lexus470 V8 lhd with the fullest options. Please let me know where can i find the best offer in UEA?

  73. Finally some competition to the New Nissan Patrol !!

  74. hi JOSE



  75. i just saw the 5.7L LC yesterday at the showroom and its heavily speced out. retails at AED 296k

  76. I have the 5.7 L LC in Dubai. Bought it from a guy who imported it from US. Goes like nothing else and performs great in the desert. It also have more options than the GCC model like, several electric power outlets, folding mirrors, memory seats (and heated seats), DVD display mounted in the roof, wirlesss headphones for those watching tv, better grade leather and probably more goodies that i dont know about. But to answer some of the threads about its capability – it has no problem whatsoever in the desert, I easily follow others with GCC specs while driving out there (and climb higher!). Dont forget, you need to think about tires, the preasssure etc also… I paid 170 K and it has only run 7500 K!!!! A bargain if they will go for 296 here…

  77. Forgot to mention it has AUX connection for your IPod.

  78. and tyre preassure indicators for all 5 wheels

  79. I have LC full option 2010, 12000 km. i,ll send u the pictures to ur email if u r interested.

  80. i wish the latest vxr has side n front cameras plus a 22 inch rims.they got 2 put a new wenon n led lamps in front. white kinda light is cooler than yellow just like in 2011 nissan patrol.also they hav 2 make some changes in lexus lx570 size n yellow lights!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Can anyone help? I had a 2008 landcrusier 4.7 v8 petrol with vvt-i ,unfortantly i wrote this girl off. I am looking at a 2009 landcrusier 4.7 petrol but it does not have the vvt-i badge on the back. Do all the 200 series petrol v8 have vvt-i . ?. Thanks

  82. Would any one know if the upgraded 4.7L V8 engine on 2008 – 2011 Landcruiser GCC spec has a timing belt or chain ?

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