PPI Razor GTR derived from Audi R8

PPI Razor GTR derived from Audi R8

PPI Razor GTR R8
German tuner PPI Automotive Design GmbH, who unfortunately only modify unfortunate models from Audi, has created their own fully-built supercar from the Audi R8, calling it the PPI Razor GTR.

The biggest change is the addition of a supercharger, among other engine mods, that increases power up to 580 hp at 7,400 rpm, and maximum torque of 600 Nm at 6,200 rpm, with an overall weight decrease of 250 kg over its stock counterpart. The PPI RAZOR GTR can do 0-100 kph in 3.7 seconds, with a maximum top speed of 332 kph.

PPI Razor GTR R8

In addition to the driving performance, this PPI Supercar also has a widebody kit with elaborate, wind tunnel tested aerodynamics. Special attention was paid to the reduction of the vehicle’s weight, which was achieved by PPI’s extensive use of carbon fibre.

The Razor GTR gets lightweight MAG9 Carbon Fiber forged aluminium PPI wheels, sized 19-inch at front and 20-inch at the back.

PPI also developed a special high-performance braking system available only for the RAZOR GTR that can be identified by its metallic orange-coloured brake calipers. The enlarged 6-piston calipers in connection with extra-large discs at the rear axle provide greater pad surface contact area and heat dissipation.

A KW Automotive coilover suspension completes the package. It comes equipped with a Hydraulic Lift System, which can increase ground clearance by up to 45 mm if needed and therefore enables the driver to enter underground car parks or drive over speed bumps.

The boring R8 interior has been stripped and redone with quality Onyx Nubuck-leather with orange-coloured accents and highlights. Additionally, PPI equips the Razor with extensive carbon fibre throughout the cockpit, including the ultra-light folding sport seats. Highlighting the exclusivity of this limited series production is PPI RAZOR GTR badging, threshold plates, and an aluminium production plaque framed with carbon fibre.

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  1. hot and sexy car… look great

  2. It’s a nice car, sports and inputs then it is an excellent Buy a car I hope that one I like the short-hand and eye vision …. Thank you Audi

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