2009 Toyota Crown Majesta upgraded in Japan

2009 Toyota Crown Majesta upgraded in Japan

2009 Toyota Crown Majesta
Growing up in Dubai, my memory suggests that the Toyota Crown was cancelled in the UAE by the early ’90s with the arrival of Lexus. However, the Crown soldiered on in its Japanese home market, where it continues to be on sale, competing with their own Lexus LS for conservative fat-cat customers. The fifth-generation Crown Majesta happens to be Toyota’s flagship in Japan.

Specific improvements include a longer wheelbase and exterior styling that exudes presence and energy. It now gets a 347 hp 4.6-litre V8, seemingly the same detuned engine that does duty in the GCC-spec Lexus LS 460, mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. An older 4.3-litre V8 is offered with the all-wheel-drive option.

2009 Toyota Crown Majesta

More importantly, the Crown boasts world-first technologies, namely pre-crash seatbacks that automatically take the correct position in a crash, and a rear-seat centre airbag which pops out from the ceiling to lessen secondary injuries caused by rear-seat passengers colliding with each other in side-on collisions. The centre airbag is just one of 11 airbags.

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  1. i love these big cars..the older models, like 90’s, are still the official taxis in singapore, along with the cedric

  2. so toyota still makes some impressive cars huh…. i wud hav loved it if they had brought back the cressida, it wz a gem of a car… like hw nissan brout bak the altima….

  3. i still love those older crown n cedric…they are a class apart…

  4. My dad used to drive the Crown 2.8 Super Saloon, i have very fond memories of sitting &travelling in that while was small !

  5. I love this car because it represents classic japanese looks.

  6. nice looking car..

  7. back in the 80’s crown was the first japanese cars to have a cool box for your RC colas.

  8. i’d say dump the avalon and aurion and bring the crown back!

  9. I also put my voice with (prado the greay)…

  10. i love this car, but it is not imported to saudi arabia any more.The question is a big WHY?

  11. Nice, old school japanese luxury saloon.. Let all their current silly FWD saloons burn in hell…

  12. my dad drives a crown, and it is comfortable riding in it, i like the weight, it’s heavy and the music systems are really good.

  13. Still we have super saloon 2.8 and its working really nice car.

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