Lexus IS C convertible gets F-Sport upgrades

Lexus IS C convertible gets F-Sport upgrades

Lexus IS C F-Sport
While the GCC market gets only one version of the Lexus IS sedan, other markets are already playing with various IS versions and engine choices, including a brand new IS C hard-top convertible version. To make matters even more envious, Lexus offers an F-Sport package for other markets that includes dealer-fitted performance mods.

The available F-Sport parts include 19-inch forged alloy wheels, front and rear brake caliper upgrades, carbon ceramic brake upgrade, exhaust system, lowering spring set, sway bar set, Bilstein shocks, sports clutch and short shifter for the manual version, rear chassis member brace, carbon fibre engine cover, air intake, Lexus body kit, and a rear spoiler.

Each piece is available separately, so owners can choose only what they want. Of course, the Lexus IS C convertible isn’t even available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The only “mods” available in the UAE are a body kit and navigation for the sedan.

To check out the forgotten sedan, check out the Lexus IS buyer guide.

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  1. dayyummmmmmmmmm!! dis thing iz hawt hawt hawttt!!! 😀

  2. looks wierd from some angles..even if this thing comes to the UAE, it will have the crappy 3.0 engine. 😛

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