Segway police 'car' now in the UAE

Segway police ‘car’ now in the UAE

Segway Patrol
When it was first introduced half a decade ago, the Segway was supposed to revolutionise transportation as we know it. However, it soon became clear that is won’t happen, considering its sizeable price and lacking practicality. But then the Segway found a market as a security product. And it would seem that Segway is now actively pursuing a market in the UAE, with the purpose-built Segway Patroller.

The Patroller models are identifiable by their highly reflective surfaces and an integrated lighting system. Additional product enhancements include a newly-designed “LeanSteer” frame, a front bag specifically designed to carry officers’ cargo, and an upper shield for affixing the organization’s insignia.

The Segway Patroller comes in either an i2 or x2 version. The i2 is optimised for demanding patrol applications that require the rider to transition from indoor to outdoor settings while getting the most out of battery range on a single charge, which is up to 40 km. The x2 features rugged tyres suited for off-road patrol environments such as beaches, parks, trails or any rough surface. Built-in lift handles on the x2 and included cargo frames on the i2 make for a sturdy lift position and attach point for optional additional side cargo. All units even come with a wireless controller for the two-wheeled always-upright machine.

Private security and public law-enforcement firms around the world already use the Segway. Apparently Emaar Malls as well as Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airports are current customers. Of course, the Segway first came into prominent use by special police forces during the 2009 Beijing Olympics in China, much to the amusement of everyone who saw it.

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  1. If i were runnin away frm th cops.. n i saw them chasin me in 1 of these.. id collapse on th floor laughing! 😆

  2. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    by the way did you notice that it comes as an off roader too..

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