Video of the week: Kia Soul stuns the dock

A Korean promotional video featuring the geeky little Kia Soul doing geeky things at a loading dock.

What do you think?



  1. wow! cool! xD. this car is awesome!
    in US they are selling like 4000 of these a month. and in UK they sold 1000 in the first 100 days. it got 5 stars at euroNCAP as well!

  2. Yeah its cool… 😉

  3. i think people here have to start consider kia as an option when they want to buy a car.. nowadays kia is improved and can realy compete with any car maker!!!!…

    good job kia… does anyony here think that Kia Opirus is a nice car???

    😉 🙄 😆 😀

  4. opirus. even tho i’m a kia fan i do not like that car one bit. yea its kinda got a good interior and… thats about it. for a proper luxury car we await the Kia thts been coded as VG in its prototype stage. i cant wait for the new Cerato.

  5. @BJD (Boris).. I agree with you about the Opirus, the interior look decent, the comming VG will be very stuning… check out the photos below…

    about the Cerato,, is it true that the Kia Forte is the replacment of the current Cerato???

    🙂 🙂

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