Mugen tunes Euro Honda Civic Type-R

Mugen tunes Euro Honda Civic Type-R

Mugen Honda Civic Type R Euro
Mugen, Honda’s official aftermarket arm, already has their own hyper-tuned version of the Japanese-market Honda Civic Type-R sedan. Interestingly, Europe has its own version of the Civic Type-R, based on the all-show-no-go 3-door Euro-Civic hatchback with non-independent rear suspension. The European Civic Type-R is imported to Japan in limited numbers, and this was enough reason for Mugen to offer a body kit for it.

The body kit consists of bulky front and rear bumpers, an oversized rear wing, bonnet vents and other enhancements. While the kit is being dubbed “Premium Super Sports,” the 201 hp 2.0-litre engine has been left untouched.

There has never been any plans to import the Civic Type-R to the UAE and GCC market, although we hear an Euro Type-R hatchback sits in the lobby of Honda’s Middle East headquarters in Dubai.

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  1. Honda City…Sports Hatchback

  2. nice looking… cool

  3. i remember seeing on top gear how this one is slower than the old one in terms of handling the track cuz the older shape one had all independent suspension and this one doesnt

    as always trust utub to give u vidz

  4. Author

    Hey, great video. It also made it clear that even as a non-remarkable car, it is still quicker than the overhyped Golf GTI around a track.

  5. It reminds me of (Need for Speed) the game… Cool… 😎

  6. Further to shafiq comment, it might not handle as well, but it is greener, bigger, huge boot, and a lot safer to drive. Girls love them, so all round a much better car. I love mine and it is fast, fun, does nearly 60 mpg too.

  7. We only get the most boring of japanese cars here… With the boring specs… Speaking about the compact car sector here.. & Nissan Sunny is a shit car…

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