Volkswagen Middle East offers free service check-ups in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Volkswagen Middle East is offering Volkswagen car owners free vehicle check-ups by its Service Clinic experts regardless of the model or the year of the car. Volkswagen Middle East aims to rotate the Service Clinic now every year across all 11 markets it covers in the region providing visual check-ups and diagnosis for all models. Every unfortunate VW owner having regular problems with their car should visit the clinic.

Last year, the Volkswagen Service Clinic visited several countries across the Middle East offering check-ups to all Volkswagen cars. This year’s Service Clinic has already proven an instant hit, with a total of 238 cars checked in Dubai. The Service Clinic will now be visiting Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria and finally Qatar throughout the rest of the year, with the aim of servicing 20 cars per day. This follows a successful four week free air conditioning check in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in preparation for the summer months as the temperatures continue to rise, checking over 20 cars per day.

Thomas Faerber, After Sales Director at Volkswagen Middle East says, “These Service Clinics are a great opportunity to get our customers in the workshops for a free car check-up, where we are able to provide the peace of mind, customers expect and deserve when owning a Volkswagen.”

“We recommend that vehicles regularly undergo an annual generic check-up to avoid any potential risk of damage and ensure optimal maintenance for their vehicles,” Faerber continued.

Made up of a team of workshop mechanics and experts, the Service Clinic is supervised by Jens Mueller, a 14-year veteran of Volkswagen and responsible for technical support at Volkswagen Middle East.

The procedure itself is simple, with check-ups booked on appointment through Volkswagen Middle East partner in each market. It includes a visual check, road test and on-board diagnosis. Mueller and his team analyse more than two dozen parts for each car, providing a checklist of what was checked and if the vehicle meets the Volkswagen standards. Depending on the dealership, oil changes are offered free of charge while parts and labour costs may be subject to a discount.

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  1. Depending on the dealership, oil changes are offered free of charge while parts and labour costs may be subject to a discount!!!!!

    Shouldn’t they all be working under similar regualtions?… or the writter meant different dealership in different contries in GCC?…. please clarify……

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  2. It’s a press release. VW wrote it. Ask dem dumbos.

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