2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser to get 19 hp engine upgrade

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser to get 19 hp engine upgrade

Toyota’s American arm has announced that the 2010 FJ Cruiser will feature several upgrades, including a much-needed power upgrade for the Japanese-built 4×4.

The engine upgrade will include dual VVT-i variable-valve timing and roller rocker arms on the 4.0-litre V6, which will add 19 hp over the current U.S. model’s 239 hp, while mildly improving fuel economy.

Minor suspension changes will reduce the turning radius by almost half a metre, and a new “Army Green” exterior colour will be offered.

Even with these upgrades, American pricing will increase by only Dhs 1,000. It is likely that the upgrade will be offered on GCC-spec models too, although judging by the UAE dealer’s past shenanigans, the price increase will likely be much steeper.

For more Dubai-based pricing info and specs for the existing model, visit the Toyota FJ Cruiser buyer guide.

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  1. I HATE UAE dealers.
    The Murano is the same price as a Pathfinder in the USA, here the base Murano is 30,000 Dhs more expensive 👿

  2. They make it more tempting

    but if these option is not in Bahwan it not worth it.

    Here we have the worst options for the highest price to put which kinda piss me off on that side. Even the service from the deal is not that good.

  3. Refer to Mr Musa’s comment,not only Murano almost all the cars when compared with US market (where there are taxes) UAE car prices are exorbitant…the present offers too are very high compared to US market price… 🙄

  4. Range rover sport SC is Dhs 390000

    In the US the same car is less than Dhs 300,000

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