VW recalling 2009-2010 DSG-equipped models

VW recalling 2009-2010 DSG-equipped models

For a company hell-bent on protecting its brand image, even going as far as blocking us from reviewing their cars, it is ironic that they create their own problems. Volkswagen of America has announced a “voluntary” recall involving 13,500 vehicles equipped with its notorious DSG automanual transmission. Models affected by the recall include the Golf GTI, the Eos and the Mexican-built Jetta, built between September 2008 and August 2009.

The recall applies to 2009 model-year vehicles along with a very limited number of 2010 model-year vehicles. A number of these cars may be affected by a faulty temperature sensor in the DSG transmission. Failure of the temperature sensor could result in illuminated warning lamps on the dashboard, and sometimes the transmission may shift into neutral.

In the coming weeks, U.S. owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by Volkswagen of America to have their local dealer inspect and repair their cars for free. It is unknown if UAE-based dealers will follow suit, although the affected U.S. cars come from the same factories that supply GCC-spec models.

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  1. Now u’r telling me .. I have just put a deposit on the new 2010 golf GTI…
    also I noticed that your site have a thing against VW’s .!!
    please advice…shall I stick to the order and waite for my new GTI or ….

  2. Author

    This site has a thing against VW because they do not give us test-drive cars. No lies though, in anything reported here. Proceed at your own risk.

  3. vw is for those ppl whose cars are provided by their employer and its maintained by them…or else those who have enough money to spend on maintanance and service….i dont deny the fact that they are great driving machines but at the same time they are great headaches….i still remember what my friend said…he used to drive an audi earlier and he sold it….i asked him why did u sell that car…he said he wanted a car not a headache…now he drives a lexus….

  4. yup, there are lots of durability issues with VW and cars under their ’empire’

  5. VW claims that the new golf many of the quality issues they earlier had….

    in general i have notice given the high heat levels cars have greater wear and tear here than they would have in mild temperate countries. which could explain some of the electric issues people have here.

  6. Author

    Err…all the bad quality reports are coming out of USA and Europe. No one has done a survey here. So by what you say, these cars will do worse here.

  7. Thanks folks for the updates, but I still think the GTI is a great car.. right!!!
    as for my deposit do I waite for the October batch of GTI’s… or ….advice ppl…!!! And yes this site is great and I do read all the reviews and auto news. Thanx DriveArabia

  8. yes it is… it’s just so unfortunate that it does not have many followers here… just to be safe wait a little while… i myself is quite concerned by this, i have a scirocco 2.0 tsi and i believe it shares the same dsg transmission with the models mentioned. but will call the dealers and find out more about it…

  9. specs wise there is no alternative for GTI in this market…in other markets u get cars like Lancer ralliart, impreza wrx, mazda 3 speed etc which are direct competition for GTI but non r available here…so if u want something like GTI u have only that option…

  10. @mash

    well they do quite badly here due to bad driving and weather. have u seen many old VW running around?

    BUT the new Golf promises to be good…. so they say

  11. the site is great.. but some i guess the technical information with respect with 0-100km isnt accurate.. i dont know track conditions may differ.. but for some vehicles reviewed by drive arabia have noticed the tech. specs disclosed are not in line with other car reviewers…

    Would it be possible to create comparision tests.. with vehicles in the same category , as in hot hatches.. etc.. cause buying a car here ( limited options for the price as compared with other regions)

    Am actually waiting for the GOLF “R” a replcement over the R32… but there is no info on its arrival…?


  12. Author

    This is the only automotive publication in the region that REALLY tests 0-100 kph for each road test, and not simply repeat manufacturer figures. Simply put, cars are slower in this weather.

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