Nissan Maxima 2010 on sale in GCC

Nissan Maxima 2010 on sale in GCC

2010 Nissan Maxima
After years of selling an outdated decade-old version of the car in the UAE, the all-new 2010 Nissan Maxima has finally gone on sale in some GCC markets. Quietly available in showrooms, the V6-powered front-wheel-drive midsizer aims to be a budget “sports” sedan and hails from Nissan’s American operations now.

The 2010 Nissan Maxima, introduced in the U.S. market late last year, is powered by a 290 hp 3.5-litre V6, with peak of torque of 353 Nm at 4400 rpm. Contrary to its sporting intentions, the only transmission available is a CVT with redundant paddle shifters. All come standard with ABS and stability control.

As dug up by one of our readers, Mohammed, the entry-level Maxima S model comes with an auto-dimming mirror, cloth upholstery, cruise control, CD stereo, Bluetooth, power windows, intelligent key with starter button, power front seats, “wood-tone” trim, sunroof, 19 inch rims, and dual-zone automatic a/c with rear vents.

The Maxima SV adds power outside mirrors with LED turn signals, digital compass, HID headlights, fog lights, power-adjustable steering column with memory, power-adjustable pedals, front and rear parking sensors and an optional navigation system screen with rearview camera.

The top Maxima SR gets additional features such as auto-dimming driver-side mirror, leather seats, driver’s seat thigh support extension, rear bucket seats, climate-controlled driver’s seat, rear-window power sunshade and a rear spoiler.

For further updates, keep track of the Nissan Maxima buyer guide.

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  1. its a pitty tht the front looks so ugly. the rest of the car looks really good. Inside, I’d prefer black wood instead like in mazda. otherwise, the inside is also good looking.

  2. Main question; what will be the price? If it isnt too costly, it should win against the Avalon. It should also be substantially cheaper than the G37…

  3. in US market is almost the same price of G37…here we can expect anything above 125000

  4. its good liked it may go for it 😀

  5. gd news going tommorow in da morning to book full option for my self with panaromic if its under 135

  6. Will Insurance be a problem? It was a big problem with the previous Maxima…

  7. THE PRICE OF full options will be around 140K
    outside they compare it with the Lexus ES350..

  8. It’ll cannibilize Infiniti sales…

  9. Lookes copied from Infiniti G35. Front grill is as ugly as Infiniti!

  10. The headlight design will probably become the new nissan trademark. I am guessing the next altima will have it too

  11. looks good to me..but question is, who would pay anythin more than 110k for a Nissan?? (if tatz the price range)…if the price tag is high, tis shall follow the Honda Legend!

  12. if the full option costs 140k for a “nissan”, then i would prefer one should buy the 320i instead or an IS300 with grade2 options or the C200 avantgarde… “nissan” cant compare these luxury saloons (for the same price)…

  13. @ BJD (Boris): this car has been in America for three years now and the front end is not UGLY in person and in America the Altima is the bread and butter sedan so the Maxima moves up market because of it and the interior, with the SV with the Sport Package comes with aluminum “look” trim that looks really good in person before you put judgment on this vehicle.

    The performance of the CVT, when put on DS mode, makes the CVT have a more sporting nature and this car handles really well and corners flat for a FWD sedan. The power output here in America of the venerable
    VQ35 is 290hp @ 6400 rpm and 261 lb-ft @ 4400rpm.

    This is one of my favorite cars in their lineup and I would recommend it! No other car maker in the world has the ability to balance, power, quality, reliability and good bang for your buck..that is what Nissan has been.

  14. Been waiting almost 10 years till it come 4 sure gonna have it,,,best car ever

  15. @ Nes: It is very common for BJD to call every car that he cant afford as ugly.

  16. omg. the front headlights are ugly as hell, and the design is rubish the back end reminds me of the yaris, id take hyundai genesis over this any day!!

  17. The front looks not good really for a 2010 car, and the price is said to start from 100k to 118k as it is mentioned on…I am sure it is pretty fast car and there will problems with insurance

  18. can anyone tell me whats the rate of this vehicle in dhs. I would like to buy one. i like the interior of the car than the
    toyota camry.especially the dash board, steering,speedometer gauge, navigator and the music player

  19. great looking car in this segment…definetely outruns the avalon… and what kinda name is boris!!!

  20. Front looks so ugly…espesially headlights nd grill

  21. there is nothing new about maxima its a full on copy of Infiniti G 35. exept the headlight, its seem so ugly ? ?thumps down for maxima

  22. @Sabir .. LOL
    could’nt agree with you more, BJD Boris only gets excited about Hyundais and Kias .. Everyone has to check out the the review on the 2010 Hyundai Tucson ix35 .. where anyone who makes a minor negative comment on it gets bitten..WOOF .. Grrr… ;D

  23. Just got a quotation from Al Masaood in Abu Dhabi:
    full option version, leather etc, 136k aed, inclusive of 1 year full insurance

  24. That could be true Asad, but believe me Korean cars are just booming. Remember when people used to think of Lexus as a toy compared to MBs and BMWs?! Now Lexus can fairly compete with the best German cars, and Samsung, for example, is making better electronics than the best Japanese brands like Sony, although people used to think of Korean electronics as duplicate or cloned items compared to the Japanese ones. Its a fact man, Korean cars are simply preparing to conquer the world, and they are improving very fast. Hyundai used to outsource engines from Mitsubishi 10 years ago, now Mitsubishi is outsourcing engines from Hyundai!

  25. wack ass car!!!

  26. I feel very sorry for thoese who invested their money in Maxima after a long time! When i saw Nissan Maxima 2010 with all its dam good front looks other wise the remaning car is ok with its other features.

  27. How s the fuel efficiency??

  28. The maxima is better seen in person than in pictures, the front is not the most catchy thing but when seen in person it just blows you away,same story for the tail, in person with the LED lights it looks just magnificent, the sides are a speak for itself, image or in person, the features for a mid op in Bahrain i feel is quiet worth ur buck, i wudn go for the full op as the only thing more i get from the full op compared to the mid op is an automated rear shade leather seats and climate controlled seating, i m not sure if the built in hard drive is an option available in the middleast east tho. but put it all togehter i think it beats the Camry, Accord any day the Hyundai and the low end C class. It a luxury car id give it an 8.5 rating.

  29. I think this is one of the best cars avble today. What a high end/ magnificent interior/ rotary controls/ paddle shift/ speedo meters/ bucket seats in the rear etc. Even the exterior is unique and fantastic. The only thing I’d be ok to change are the rims. I personally prefer thick spokes. I will surely buy this car.

  30. HI P@trick,

    I dont think Maxima is the class or segment of Camry or Accord, forget the Hyundai. Maxima is the flagship of Nissan and it is in the class of Honda Legend, Toyota Avalon or Aurion, E class BMW 5 series etc. I know the last two are a bit too good but they fall in that segment. You can compare the Altima with Accord and Camry..

  31. I intrested how much maxima cost in us dollars in Dubai. Thanks

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