So we got a 2010 Toyota Prado

So we got a 2010 Toyota Prado

The 2010 Toyota “Land Cruiser” Prado is currently the most researched vehicle in the region. We got one for two days, and being the only one we’ve seen on the road so far, we would’ve thought that we’d be swarmed by middle-aged family men on the streets of Dubai, inquiring about this dream car. But we weren’t. We got a few people standing around staring at it here and there, but they were probably the intelligent ones. Because if you don’t concentrate hard enough, it is easy to dismiss it as the old model.


Our early coverage of the 2010 Prado caused a lot of controversy among UAE readers. Most of them hated the styling, based on the unimaginative studio photos. But while we’re not a fan, our silver VX-L tester was wholly acceptable in real life.


The rear end looks pretty much exactly like the outgoing model, which is likely why few people gave it a second glance while driving behind us. We missed the coolness of dual exhaust tips in a vehicle that costs Dhs 217,000, but all Prados do get special new touches such as the rear wiper hidden in the top spoiler and the tailgate handle moved within the number-plate area.


Like the exterior, the dashboard looks much more friendly in real life than in photos, with soft-touch materials that firmly move the Prado into a more premium segment, higher than the likes of the all-new Honda Pilot and others such as the Chevrolet Traverse and the Nissan Pathfinder, all using excessive hard plastics. The ergonomics are fine for basic functions, but buttons for some fancy features are hidden in darkness behind the steering wheel.


The touchscreen was surprisingly easy to use, even for navigation and stereo functions. It is probably lifted from the latest Lexus models. So is the optional four-camera system, although beyond the rear camera, we did not find much use for the other three. But even with the touchscreen present, Toyota has chosen to give each special function its own button. In fact, there has never been a vehicle in history with more buttons than a 2010 Prado VX-L.


Oddly enough, we still found our way around the buttons rather easily, without ever pulling out the instruction manual. Everything is clearly marked. Separate buttons will always be better than playing with stupid menus or voice instructions, like in the failure that is the Ford SYNC system.


The Prado is an excessively tall 4×4, and even wider for 2010, so there is no shortage of space inside. The top models come with smooth leather and better-bolstered powered front seats. There is a cooler box between the front seats to hold 4 bottles. In fact, there are at least 10 cup-holders spread about the cabin.


The split-folding second-row seats are extremely spacious, and can even recline. Passengers get their own a/c controls, but our tester did not have any DVD entertainment back there.


Access to the third-row seats is absolutely awful, as the second-row seats barely fold out of the way. This is one area where the Japanese can learn from the Americans. The Chevy Traverse handles this much better.


Once back there, there is barely any legroom for adults. However, the second-row seats can be moved forward to create more knee space, so passengers can negotiate between themselves how much leg space each one is entitled to. Notice the buttons to electrically fold the third-row seats into the floor, with similar redundant buttons also placed near the tailgate.


With the third-row seats up, there is absolutely no luggage space left, especially with the included “emergency kit” taking up space. The floor is also a bit high, to make space for the spare wheel underneath. We aren’t fans of side-hinged tailgates either, although this one is not heavy at least, with hydraulic support.


With the third row down, there is good cargo volume, but less floor area than, say, a Mercedes-Benz M-Class. However, the second-row seats can be moved forward to compensate, or even folded down to create van-like room.


A pop-up rear window, a staple of most 4x4s for years, finally makes it to the Prado range.


We have not even begun to cover the technical aspects of the 2010 Prado, with new electronic-doohickey features to aid both on and off-road driving, all of which we’ve tested. But that is a whole other story for another day.

What do you think?



  1. besides exterior styling, Toyota has done a great job with the car in other aspects. the interior looks good in these pics although, I personally prefer piano black accents over wood on the dash and steering wheel.
    NOw, swing-out tailgates are bad enough. Adding a hydraulic strut to help swing the tail gate may be a problem in tight spaces as it will try to push the door all the way and hit a car or any object behind. lift-gates are better. Better still is the two-way opening type on Landcruiser (L100 and L200). maybe the glass hatch can help here occasionally.
    Now if TOyota is intending to market this as a luxury vehicle, then it will be one that can really off-road. Too bad it won’t be the best looking though…

  2. does the top of the line model have the fancy suspension which is ‘supposed’ to reduce body roll? its called KDSS or something

  3. after all it’s prado, but look’s like gelly bean, toyota must have good body stylists, not to forget it is cruser family

  4. Yuck, the new prado styling s…ks, Mazda 3 better…

  5. 2 much money for what is essentially a 5 people + 2 kids hauler/4×4/saloon car. really a Cx-9 for 130k top spec is a much better deal. middle age men while attracted to this many not shell out so much money for this. the earlier prado was decent deal, as it had almost no competitors that could complete on it;s quality. Mazda Cx9 and the new uprated and improved pathy makes a good alternative option. sure it will be good vehicle but i seriously doubt it will sell in the numbers earlier seen.

    1) recession and even if it recovers no body wants a 200k plus liability for a car

    2) many good alternatives are now being made available

  6. Maybe as you say toyota used premium materials in it, but it is very hard-especially in this time- to push this car into the lexury cars’ segment, it is still prado after all and many people would rather pay 212k for many other cars, for me personally, I would go maybe for FX, pathfinder, CX9 or maybe even a Taho with 160-170k. I dont want to hear the resell value nonsense of stupid buyers anymore please, what resell value people are talking about, in this country, people are dealing with cars like mobile phones, you buy it new, as soon as ou put the sim card in it, it looses 30-40 percent of its value, my crelative bought a 2008 Honda accord 2 weeks ago with only 48k while in dealership it was sold with 82k. of course this is with Honda Accord is supposedely classified in the segment of cars with good resell value and lost almost 40 percent of its value in one year only.

  7. i believe it is a real king of off-road.
    however the engine is weak in comparison to vw touareg or updated lr4.
    IN MY OPinion:
    goods:off road ability,features
    bads:power,exterior styling

  8. It is too costly now! It was already overpriced to begin with and now the top of the range is 217000!!! Why would anyone buy a prado for that kind of money?

  9. the question is will this model flop?…

    my guess is yes.

    sure people love prados but not at that price. i owned a prado 2007 vx mid range i dont see my self buying this,

    resale wise honestly apart from corolla no other car or vehicle has a “good” resale value.

    also if u have notice the buying pattern of people, they have switch to lower cost cars. there is no longer the made rush to buy VW toreug after a 3 month wait.

  10. @ prado the great
    I’m guessing what ur guessing buddy.. >;o)

    Im also guessing that AlFuttaim is testing this high price to judge the markets reaction and to see if they can get away with it on their now new model of their previous best seller.


  12. 217000!!! just wanted to ask why, I know its Prado and its V.good car but if i had that much of money i will not spend it on prado!any way Mabrook

  13. I agree with Maher, with that money you coming to a V8 Land Crusier not fully loaded

  14. Al Futtaim can keep this one, I’m happy with my 2005 oldie Prado!

  15. I think its an improvement hey….

  16. I saw a Prado TXL (whatever that means) in a parking lot. to make things worse, it was white 😛
    anyway, i think it looks ok (looks good) if you look exactly from the side but sucks from every other angle. Flat-back vehicles dont look very good without a visible rear wiper which is more aesthetic, rather than functional here. and the tail lights are just so… broken (totally out of proportion).

  17. its pleasure to have this car … as it is sooo luxurious…..


  19. i am from southern sudan i am intrasting to buy this amezing car landcrozar prado 2010 plez send for me the price of prado 2010 (5doors)dessel mennual

  20. ارغب بعرض صور سيارة الدفع الرباعي برادو موديل 2010 ذات اربعة بساتم

  21. i’m asking if it is possible to install the monitor of the VXL 2012 into the TXL and to save that huge amount for the one who need to have GPS and rear camera and don’t want the rest of the VXL specs.

  22. Any one have an awnser for Marin question? I want to do the same!

    • There are some people who do that. But quality of the work is doubtful. Will they scratch the existing panels and will the quality be satisfying that’s a different result you get. You can begin with Yellow Hat who will do the work good. If not lucky enough you might need to search in Naif road where you can surely find especially for a Prado but doubtful about the quality.

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