Ford Mustang V6 gets 305 hp for 2011

Ford Mustang V6 gets 305 hp for 2011

2011 Ford Mustang V6
The base Ford Mustang V6 has been the laughing stock of the sports car world since forever. It is so embarrassing that Ford doesn’t even bother offering it in the GCC. And yet, it is responsible for most Mustang sales in the United States, picked up by secretaries and hairdressers in droves. However, as long rumoured, Ford has finally injected the base car with respectable power, fitting it with a new 3.7-litre V6 engine that puts it in the thick of the competition.

The new Duratec 3.7-litre V6 is a thoroughly modern aluminium unit, offering 305 hp and 379 Nm of torque, making it only slightly less powerful than the existing 315 hp 4.6-litre V8 in the 2010 Mustang GT, and a whole lot more potent than the outgoing 210 hp 4.0-litre Mustang V6.

Other features now include a 6-speed manual or automatic, a 7000 rpm redline, now standard limited-slip diff, larger brakes and revised suspension. The automatic gets better fuel economy than the manual, at 9.6 litres/100 km versus 10.0 litres/100 km, both infinitely better than the old V6 that is also found in the current Explorer. A new air-intake is fitted, and oil change intervals have been increased to 16,000 km due to a new deep-sump oil pan.

Upgraded trim includes a facelifted front end, dual exhaust tips, programmable key and a garage door opener.

The optional Mustang V6 Performance Package comprises of a 3.31 rear-axle ratio for quicker acceleration, firmer Mustang GT suspension, 19-inch wheels, performance tyres, a strut tower brace for increased chassis rigidity, and unique electronic stability control calibration with sport mode.

While the new V6 debuts at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show soon, it is expected that the 2011 Mustang GT will get a new 400 hp 5.0-litre V8. It is unknown if the V6 Mustang will now be offered in the GCC. For specs and prices on the UAE model, visit the Ford Mustang buyer guide.

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  1. Its a big heavy car… A 210 v6 will be very boring and ordinary on this car.. Might as well make the V8 some 450 HPs!!?@?!!?!

  2. good news for mustang lovers…

  3. heard this rumours but didnt have anything offical til today.

    espically the 2011 5.0 engine

  4. I can see myself in one if they launch the V6 here…seems to be interesting.

  5. Does anyone have an idea of the launch date?are they going to launch it in the first half of 2010?

  6. I was never a fan of American Muscle cars as i love European sports. Recently i test drove a 2010 model Ford Mustang Cobra from Al Tayer. Man i must say the car is awesome….some 500+ HP

    Over the years there have been a lot of V6 grey import mustangs in UAE. They were worse than a camry something like dodge inteprid lol..Its good news that the V6 has finally been upgraded. 300+HP is a good start for sports beginner. Hope this will be available at Al Tayer and for a resonable price of below 100K

  7. This is the cyclone Duratec 37 engine used currently in the new Mazda 6, CX 9, Lincoln MKT & MKS.

    “Tuners delight”

  8. Why? are there plenty of aftermarket parts for this engine? Cuz imho, sounds cheap of them to put some euro spec complex engine inplace of a primitive american muscle… Not im saying its a bad engine..

  9. ROJ, one of the most expensive thing to do in a car company is to create an engine that is why you will see some car have the same engine since it first started and develop that engine instead of making a new one.

  10. Atlast some juice into mustang…..but wont help much as it dont have much reputation in the GCC

  11. Is the 2011 V6 available in GCC or the least in the UAE??

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