Nissan Qashqai 2010 gets facelift

Nissan Qashqai 2010 gets facelift

2010 Nissan Qashqai
The 2010 Nissan Qashqai range has received a minor facelift, although mechanical changed are limited. The British market is the first to receive the new models, although the UAE should get them in the coming months.

The facelift includes new bumpers, rear LED lights and optional 17-inch wheels, among other unnoticeable changes, such as a redesigned LCD screen within the gauges, increased storage spaces, and some unspecified weight reductions and aerodynamic improvements.

For European markets, there is also a Qashqai+2 model that adds a bit of length and a cramped third-row seat, although it is not available in the GCC so far. For prices, specs and updates, visit the Nissan Qashqai buyer guide.

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  1. Not bad… Its actually looking good..

  2. good looking car…

  3. Does is still not have a sunroof??

  4. It looks better than before, i think this model will sell more

  5. But the Multi information display is ugly with white color, the whole gauges shape is ugly

  6. hyundai tucson ix beats that options X Price

  7. it looks better but this car drives like crap, 2.0 engine is so small for such a car, I think they should have modified the 2.5 L found in Altima for this car, it would have been class leading in the engine power not like now, it drives like a turtle.

  8. I like this car very much

  9. This car is superb and it looks like it will be ruling the roads. This car is cool.

  10. Wow good looking car,nice one,I like this car very much.


  12. this one is selling very well in UAE now a days.

  13. I have Test drived it, it quite good, has a firm grip on the road, plus its key less, although it does not have push start, it has a turn start – again keyless. Quite good in its class. Comapare it to Tuscon, this has CVT, no gear change can be felt at all, in the Tucson you can feel it. Would sell better with 4Wd & higher power, but this too is a good SUV.

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