Renault Sherpa & Kerax expedition trucks in Dubai

Renault Sherpa & Kerax expedition trucks in Dubai

1 Renault Cape-To-Cape Expedition - Norway
Renault’s truck division introduced their new Kerax truck models at an event in Dubai. They also took the opportunity to introduce the Sherpa military 4×4 in civilian guise for the first time in the GCC. Also at hand were two of the 12 vehicles that went on a “cape to cape” expedition from Norway to South Africa to prove the durability of the trucks.

The expedition started off from North Cape in Norway, with a team of six Kerax and six Sherpa vehicles on their way to crossing 16 countries and 30,000 km of hot and cold climates, towards the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The expedition ran from March 1st to July 8th of 2009, taking around 130 days.

The Renault Kerax is a full-size commercial truck for hauling loads cross-country. The one used for the expedition was a Kerax 450.26 6×6 model, with a 450 hp 10.8-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine mated to a lifted six-wheel-drive platform and a 16-speed gearbox, offering a massive 2140 Nm of torque between 1100 rpm to 1300 rpm to move the 14-ton truck.

The Renault Sherpa is a light 4×4 truck initially offered only as a military vehicle, but will now be available for civilian applications on a built-to-order basis. Powered by a 215 hp diesel engine, it is good for more than 800 Nm of torque and comes with a 6-speed automatic and low-range gearing. The French answer to the Americans, it is 5.3 metres in length, 2.35 metres in width and 2.3 metres in height, making it larger than most cars on the road, with a ground clearance of 630 mm. With an approach angle of 60 degrees, it is a very rudimentary offroad vehicle, but at least comes with ABS-assisted four-wheel disc brakes, racing-style seats and a hard-plastic dashboard that seems to be the only non-metal piece in the barebones cabin.

The trucks can be fully outfitted exactly as used in the expedition, and are available for order in the UAE.

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  1. I like the sherpa… Quite tough..

  2. wow this is a good way of marketing… they are testing these trucks in every country to prove that they are tough in all conditions! amazing!(by the way I think the big trucks are used as garbage trucks here in UAE)

  3. This vehicle Sherpa 2 has actualy been developed in Abu Dhabi by a former employee of the Al Masaood Group…..and could have been manufactured in the UAE if some people had more faith in theyr ability to make great stuff locally……

  4. are there any 4*4 buses in uae available??buses,not trucks

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