Bentley Mulsanne debuts in the UAE

Bentley Mulsanne debuts in the UAE

Bentley Mulsanne
The all-new Bentley Mulsanne debuted in the UAE at an event held in Dubai. While we likely looked at a pre-production example, it offered us a view of the complete car as well as what goes into making a customised customer car.

The Bentley Mulsanne, an indirect replacement for the Arnage, comes with a 505 hp 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8, with an insane 1020 Nm of torque.

The event also hosted two of their wood and leather craftsmen from the factory, who spoke about what went into choosing the quality pieces that make up the car. The car can be built to order and customisation options are numerous, although we can’t get into more details because Bentley ran out of press kits.

While the car is certainly massive, the interior is very spacious, but seemingly not as spacious as one would expect from the limo-like exterior proportions. Also, in a bit of oddball gimmickry, the rear-seat cupholders are stored in a little compartment near the floor, and have to be taken out of that drawer and snapped into the central armrest for use.

The rest of the car is typical Bentley, with thick layers of wood and leather making up the cabin, as well as a decent infusion of existing modern technologies, with features such as a navigation screen, electronic parking brake, starter button, etc. Also notice the unique wheels, which are different from the worldwide-debut version.

Prices are expected to start from Dhs 1.4 million, and custom options could drive up the price beyond Dhs 1.5 million. The Mulsanne will make an appearance at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show as part of its GCC debut.

Photos by Faisal Khatib.

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  1. omg this car is so sick in everything especially the interior 🙂 cool, however, the exterior is more classic than luxury 🙁

  2. still the RR Ghost and Phantom looks much better and prestigious

  3. bad looking a**.. hate the shape and design..

  4. Congratulations for Bentley by the new Mulsanne. It is, again, a real Bentley. More then this. It is a real Rolls Royce, much more than the BMW RR ones.

    BMW lost the track with the RRs what is a shame. Of course VW got the best part of the whole Rolls company ? the noble purebred 6? V8 and Crewe ? forcing BMW to move to somewhere and use their V12. But BMW went deeper in the mud forgetting the rest of the brand tradition and history, for example, breaking with the models names lineage. So the ?Phantom VII? (as it should be called) became a mere ?Phantom?, and the ?Silver ?Something?? became a ?Ghost?. This is completely nonsense to the brand admirers.

    There are other small signs of this decadence as the 1963 continuous history of ?Albers? of Zionsville IN, my preferred RR/Bentley garage. Now this line is broke because of the ?BMW V12 ? RR?.

    BMW got a marvelous brand history and transformed in nothing but a new fancy car. They really could have created a new brand for these models instead of destroying RR image.

    Some companies are trying hard to rebuild traditions as Mercedes with the Maybach, and VW with the Bugatti.

    Today Bentley is the best positioned brand for traditional prestige chauffer driving cars.

    The new Mulsanne keeps the pristine luxury, style and spirit from Crewe without the flamboyant and vulgar appeal of the new Rolls.

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