Brabus GLK V12 is fastest Mercedes-Benz SUV

Brabus GLK V12 is fastest Mercedes-Benz SUV

Brabus GLK V12
With a top speed of 322.3 kph, German tuner Brabus claims that their new modified Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class crossover has set a new speed record for street-legal SUVs on an Italian high-speed test track in October. That’s because the exclusive special model is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine. Incidentally, it will also makes its world debut at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show.

The new BRABUS SV12 R Biturbo 750 engine was transplanted in the GLK’s small engine bay. The enlarged 6.3-litre V12 delivers 750 hp at 5500 rpm and produces peak torque of 1350 Nm at 2100 rpm, limited electronically at 1100 Nm to save the gearbox.

Brabus GLK V12

Free-flow catalytic converters and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system custom-tailored to the GLK let the BRABUS SV12 R 750 Biturbo engine breathe more freely.

The enormous power is transferred to the rear wheels via a reinforced 5-speed automatic transmission and a custom limited-slip differential.

Together, these measures supposedly make the Brabus GLK V12 the fastest street-legal SUV in the world, tested at a top speed of 322.3 kph. It can also do the 0-100 kph run in 4.2 seconds and the 0-200 kph sprint in 12.8 seconds.

Brabus also offers custom modifications to aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, wheels and even the interior.

The Brabus GLK V12 starts at the equivalent of Dhs 2.13 million in Europe, or about as much as two Ferraris. The standard Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class costs about 8 times less in the UAE.

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  1. It’s still an ugly car…nothing can change that…I’d take a slow prado over this…. 😉

  2. Author

    I’d take a Kia Rio over a Prado. Maybe.

  3. This will make a Paris Hilton type of girl very happy 😛

    I was in Dubai 3rd day of Eid and I seen Paris Hilton type of girl driving a SLK. She was super hot similar but bitchy type with here chewing chew gum.

  4. Wow… thts a beast on the road.
    Im imaginin tht engine on a sedan … and den 750 hp… .wooooooo hooooooo … Awesome machine it wud be !!

  5. really love the numbers there! but yea, its still kinda out of proportions in its exterior styling. Merc-Benz designs dont really meet my taste but I really liked the “Gullwing” (aka, SLS AMG).

  6. Id rather have the C-class Brabus…

  7. I’ll still Pick an JEEP SRT8 Over it.

  8. The vehicle looks good without the Brabus interior and exterior cosmetic mods..

    “The enormous power is transferred to the rear wheels via a reinforced 5-speed automatic transmission and a custom limited-slip differential.” ~
    Mash.. does’nt this mean that this is a 2WD.. in which case this is the fastest street legal SUV and not the fastest street legal 4×4?

    Not common to the UAE but the US have 2WD versions of the GLK which raises my doubt.

  9. Author

    I believe you are right. They did mean fastest “SUV” instead of fastest “4×4.”

  10. I still cant find the point of such a machine,,yeh you got tons of power,but whats the point of the world fastest 2wd suv?? this thing cant even go offroad..which makes its existence useless..

  11. When it comes to SUV cars; Mercedes Benz seems lost on all these cars design: ML, GLK and GL add to it the R class there are all ugly cars, or it least not worthy with Mercedes badge with respect to their looks.

    For the most innovative and best quality car maker in the world they should do better.

    BMW’s have the best designs when it comes to the SUV segement; even better than the Porche Cayyane design. The X-6 and X-5 are really nicely designed.

  12. @spyke
    True, they should have stuck to the 4-matic system (as found on the GCC standard GLKs)… which would have then made this the fastest Mercedes Benz 4×4.

    The father – BRABUS G V12 ‘S’ Biturbo therefore still holds its title as the fastest True Offroader from the Mercedes Benz stable >;o)

  13. IMO its an ugly car. Too many gap on the panels

  14. I have the GLK350 with the Extra off-road engineering package option, 3.5l V6 4MATIC. Its a SOLID ALL ROUNDER COMPACT. Can be thrown around on the asphalt and if your going off road, at the flick of the Low Range switch, it will cut through dunes like a hot knife thru butter.

    But i dont see the point of the Brabus SUV. The’ve made it look ugly from the original. The’ve used a 2wd platform instead of the 4wd?? WTF? Brabus has killed the otherwise premium interiors with this white supposedly PIMPED interiors.

  15. Ugliest of all the mercedes benz models. Do something to improve its looks.

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