Dubai Motor Show 2009: Photo coverage

Dubai Motor Show 2009: Photo coverage

The 2009 Dubai Motor Show is running from the 16th to the 20th of December, featuring lots of glitzy luxury cars and tons of supercars, even though it was supposed to have a ‘green’ theme this year. A few international debuts also took place here, with the Kepler Motion, the Luxgen7 SUV, the Brabus GLK V12 and the Kia Cadenza being the notable ones. The number of local debuts is too numerous to list. Photos by Faisal “Energizer” Khatib.

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  1. Author

    You guys can sit and guess the names of each car.

  2. “The 2009 Dubai Motor Show is running from the 16th to the 20th of November,”

    its december now mash 😉

    and whats “energizer” for ?

  3. really cool..awaiting the weekend to be there!!good work mash/faisal..

  4. You put 250 images…wow!! cool!!

  5. a very very nice collection…
    all the pictures are taken from perfect angles..
    good job guys..

    cars i wish i can have for just seconds…
    porsche carrera gt moded one..
    and the shiny porsche cayenne with gloss finish..
    fcken hot cars…

  6. GX460 & X1 look to be launched shortly..

  7. This year is prob the best auto show ever!!

  8. Author

    Fixed. Been a long day. That doofus Faisal originally took 700+ photos.

  9. omg! that guy next to the Kia Cadenza looks like peter schreyer! maybe it actually was him! And there’s tht Police Mohave I saw on the side of Emirates road one day!

    ANyway, prado looks even uglier as a 2-door and that green spark looks hilarious from that angle! must have been on an elevated platform i guess.
    The CEntiment… whatever (aka Hyundai Equus) looks ugly for a premium luxury vehicle. very chinese-looking.

    Speaking of chinese, the Luxgens look great but the Haima 3 looks like those ppl with really fat cheeks that squeeze their lips lol.

    and what are the specs of the 3-wheeler in the main pic? 😛

  10. hell!!! 700+ pix??? wow! I guess thats why mash called him “Energizer”! lol

  11. Author

    Yes, that’s Pete. He sounds like Arnold.

  12. @ Faisal ‘Energizer’

    Good job on the pictures!

  13. I have been to prior 4 DXB Motor show. Since Porsche, Lambo, Honda, Crysler pulled out i thought this year would be a bad show. But from the looks of the pics this seems the best ever. Thanks for the contribution fellas. Great work…..gosh i must visit this weekend.

  14. Went for the show yeaterday..Saw the unveiling of the Sonata, the new hyundai lux car and the tucson..they had a little musical thingy as well..They all look so angular and sleek now..

    Anyways i also sat in the Genesis,,now i know why they were able to keep the price low,,the dash has alot of hard plastics!!and some dont look that good either..Nyways still love the styling though..

    Raptor was another crazy truck,,damg that thing is lifted!! seriously, but then again noticed that the dash had very hard plastics which didnt even feel nice to the touch not to mention some of them, the part on top of the instrument gauge was out of allignment already..but still would love to own that crazy thing..

  15. I see Hyundai/ Kia going in the right direction and will def be a top brand in a decade. Similar to Audi who were nothing in the 80 & 90’s…Today AUDI is one of the most aggressive premium brands.

  16. I only too 700 shots…was planning to hit 1000 but ran out of time!! 😐 😛

  17. all cars r gr8 looking.

  18. The Ford Edge has come with the sport version. Wonder if Tayer sell the body kit. It yes i will have my SEL into a Sport looking for 2010 🙂

  19. Nice Pics Mash…

  20. y isnt the Lexus LFA nt in the show??? 😐

  21. Truely, u can’t cover all in one day! It is just awesome… specially, i liked
    -Mobil F1 Simulator
    -Ford Off Road simulator
    -Land Cruiser
    -Hummer 2

  22. ^rahul look at image_2332

  23. Thanks for the photos there are amazing cars down there!! but I wonder what is the car at IMG_2429?? It’s superb!!

  24. Author

    ^it’s a zenvo st-1, some sort of dutch start-up supercar

  25. Wow thanks for the information about img_2429(zenvo st-1)…

    I went to searchin google for this car and that’s what it says in their site

    Performance (kW/hp/min) 810 / 1104 / 6900
    Max. torque (Nm/min) 1430 / 4500
    Top speed (km/h) 375 (electronically controlled)
    Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s) 3,0
    Hp/weight 802 bhp per tonne
    Fuel consumption (l/100 km urban / extra-urban / combined) N/A / N/A / N/A
    CO2 emission combined (g/km) N/A

    Omg it’s 1104 hp !!!!!! and it’s not known how come??

  26. Plus, it’s just a a V8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    which is impossible to get this number with V8
    brabus couldn’t do it even G-power!!!

    That is really stunning.. it’s the fastest V8 around the world….!!!

    Number of cylinders V8
    Displacement (cm3) 7000
    Bore x stroke (mm) 104.8 x 101.6
    Number of valves 16
    Fuel type Unleaded 98 RON
    Powered axles RWD
    Transmission 6-speed manual (internal oil pump) and oil cooler. Hydraulic limit slip diff.

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