Fiat 500 marks Italian comeback in UAE

Fiat 500 marks Italian comeback in UAE

2010 Fiat 500
Fiat is apparently making a return to the GCC market, as evidenced at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show with the display of the Fiat 500. The new 500 has been trundling around in Europe for a couple of years now. Event photos by Faisal Khatib.

On display were the 500 hatchback and the 500 convertible, alongside the Alfa Romeo display. It would seem that the debut Fiat model will be sold alongside its premium cousins at dealerships. The 100 hp 1.4-litre version will be the only trim level to come here, as the other engine choices offered in Europe are ridiculously underpowered.

The 500 goes on sale sometime in January 2010, as a premium-priced competitor to the Mini, at around Dhs 70,000. Keep track of its release on the Fiat buyer guide.

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  1. With a 1.4l engine and pricing it right next to the Mini, Fiat might as well pack up and head back to Italy right now.

  2. Great supermini. The 500 has out sold the Mini Cooper in Europe in all departments. Hope they also offer the Abarth Assetto Corse version of Fiat 500.

  3. Lets hope it doesnt blow head gaskets and snap timing belts in summer… And rattle its defective pistons all year round…

  4. Well i have been owning a Fiat Coupe car for 8 yrs. Have done a lot of kms…Never had a defective piston or blown head that too my car being a Turbo……But yes propably its been reliable since i have stayed away from Al Gandi….lol….Fiat failed in UAE because its service provider sucked.

  5. I hope they get Abarth & Abarth Version here.
    I love SS..
    Drove the SS in the UK & its just fantastic.

    1.4 l & 160 BHP

  6. Author

    Updated the article with prices.

  7. RUI… Fiats are a matter of luck some people dont experience issues other experience huge massive manufacturer defects. They are famous for their problems.. Didnt you experience valve clearance problems though, engine giving diesel noises? Famous on I4 engines of fiats and alfas… The issues i mentioned are famous on fiats, they are well recognized but knock on wood you seemed to look after your car and spent generously on it..

    I personally owned a barchetta for some 6months until somebody crashed to it and totaled it and the car served me well but still had some silly defects… Such as the valve clearance and engine compression loss.. And was always scared from future issues and problems cuz they cost a fortune and parts are hard to find… Even tough my car was much better than the other fiats here and probably yours was even better than mine..

    The fiat punto was a huge problem in this market with lots of reports and issues regarding the problems taht i mentioned above, their 1.2 engine was rubbish…

    & yes al ghandi sucks, big time and are incompetent and i hope its not them that are introducing the brand again…

  8. Roj, italian cars have never been about reliability but more about passion. gone are the days of problems mate. Old story. Today Fiat ranks 2nd in Europe after VW. Also Fiat has rescued chrysler and even will pass on technology for engine on smaller cars to the American Co.

  9. ^ i hope so… A matter of time to see if anything changes… cuz a far as i see on fiat forums… New alfas and fiats still got silly issues and recalls even at a very early mileage and some people are still complaining in new fiats from the similar issues you find in the older generation… but i hope you’re right…

    As a matter of fact many european cars experience valve clearance problems on the long run including VWs and BMWs that are also famous cuz their VVTi systems are plain incompetent unlike japanese VVTi systems…

  10. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Fiat. I can understand and see how irate you are about their cars. Its a personal choice. Well end of the day the figure sales count. Fiat was in a state of chaos years ago…but now they are a profitable company. Plus Fiat 500 has won too many awards. eg: European Car of the Year 2008 and Best Compact Car Consumer choice award- Car of the year in Japan.

  11. ^ Turst me my fiat was nothing compared to the other fiat owners ive seen… The car is nice and i assure you get more driving pleasure out of an Italian sports car than any of the other modern European crap.. I am looking forward for a return of the barchetta and coupe someday.. And i will be getting one of these hopefully if they stay loyal to the italian passion..

  12. Very true, i have had lots of cars over the years from the Hyundai Coupe FX to M3. But i still have kept the 20V Turbo. It nearing a decade now wid me. If i replace it then i will go for my all time favourite 911 turbo. But guess not in the near future as it huge money in these times.

  13. ^ u still have the coupe?

  14. Yes still have it. I dont have a problem with the parts cause Al gandi give a good discount due to clearance. Recently had the Front head lights changed with new ones.

  15. can i ask you further about your car? Could i get your contact info. if possible…

  16. sure. gv me your contact

  17. *censored*… Heres my email… Admins, could you delete this later on…

    Rui confirm you got it…

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