Kia Cadenza makes UAE debut in Dubai

Kia Cadenza makes UAE debut in Dubai

2011 Kia Cadenza
The all-new 2011 Kia Cadenza, replacement for the ridiculous Opirus, debuted at a press event on the 14th, just before the start of the 2009 Dubai Motor Show. The event was mainly a press conference and a dinner, with a design lesson thrown in.

The design lesson, complete with marker and whiteboard, was actually given by Peter Schreyer, the long-time German stylist who designed the original Audi TT, and who recently ditched former employer VW to join Kia Motors. He is attempting to create a standard design language for Kia, with a unique grille design. Over the next couple of years, all Kia models will be redesigned in the corporate style, and the Mohave 4×4 will become the oldest model in the line-up.

The Cadenza comes with a 286 hp 3.5-litre V6 and a 6-speed automatic, good for 338 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. The 1575-kg sedan is capable of the 0-100 kph sprint in 7.2 seconds, with a top speed of 230 kph. It is apparently capable of 9.4 litres/100 km of fuel consumption.

The Cadenza comes with all the usual luxury power accessories, along with good space, generous use of soft-touch interior trim, and cabin mood lighting. Also available are xenon headlights, vented seats, rear camera, leather upholstery, 17-inch wheels and iPod-ready CD stereo.

Manufacturing of the new Cadenza sedan will start in January 2010 for GCC markets, with sales to begin during March 2010. It is expected to be priced between Dhs 90,000 and Dhs 110,000.

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  1. is this a RWD like its brother genesis?

  2. seen it at the show, i think actually better made than a aurion.. nice fit anf finish

  3. ^Rui – this isnt the Genesis of Kia. Rather its an Azera. but hell it looks much better and cleaner than the confused azera.
    I really like the vented seats feature. apparently, AC vents have been integrated in the seat cushion! hell I’d love that in a place like this!!!
    A sketch of Kia K9 (Hyundai Equus sister) leaked on to the web. looks really clean compared to the Equus. Only prob is, the name “K9” means police dog. hope they realize that before its too late.

  4. ^Rui, Cadenza is FWD and replacing the Opirus.
    Not sure about Kia’s Genesis but recently, a sketch of the Kia’s version of Equus leaked on to the web and I must say, it looks a lot cleaner and better than the confused Hyundai Equus.

  5. the hell!? why aren’t my comments gettin posted here? trying to reply to Rui saying the Cadenza is a FWD like the Azera and not RWD like Genesis.

  6. ok its workin now.
    the vented seats is very cool feature in this car and the new sorento. the AC vents are integrated in the seat cushion. Hell! I would love to have that in this place!

  7. Looks like Peter Schreyer gave the Cadenza a Tail lamp design very similar to that of the Audi A4.

  8. Combination of Beauty with Brains….while in motor show i had the chance to start up the engine of this beauty, and i just loved the instrument cluster and the ambient lights, plus the small colored led screen for trip meter between speedometer and rpm….but the senior officers around there told me that the basic model will start from 78000/- and top of line is 110000/- (display model) and will be available in march 2010 in dubai…

  9. Author

    Interesting. Although I can’t confirm pricing, they’d need a strippo model with a smaller engine to hit 78k I think.

  10. well it is possible. any given Kia vehicle is almost always priced equivalent to the segment below. To have a price like that, the base model Cadenza must be equipped with a 2.4L with 6-speed auto. probably has no smart key and in typical Al Majid motors’ style, it may have the single (driver’s) airbag… (although for the first time, AL Majid Motors will have all 6 airbags available on this car).

  11. price is 90 to 110k

  12. i just saw a cadenza yesterday, cruising around in al-aweer near fruit and veg market….how com that guy got an early delivery?….although he wasnt a local, plus he didnt seem like a bigshot…but as i always say, never judge a book by its cover…so either he has wasta, or he might hav imported it.

  13. Author

    Production starts next month! Therefore it is likely the motorshow prototype model. Either the guy was a Kia/Majid Motors employee, or he was one of those “professional” rag journalists who got an early preview.

  14. Oddly enough, this v6 boring car and the exiting V8 5.0 Mustang have the same fuel consumption…

  15. hyundai’s main aim is to have class-leading fuel consumption numbers in their cars in any segment and yet produce expected power.

  16. guess they’ve still got work to then… their 2.4 theta II is pretty good though.

  17. they always have to mess up with something, and the steering wheel is the worst feature in this car!! but the new 2011 is gonna be their benchmark.

  18. I would pay 15K more on the top range and get the Nissan Maxima any day.

    Boring exterior..and an equally boring interior for the Kia

  19. There is no comparison between Maxima and Cadenza. Maxima is smaller, more sportier, lacks many features but is very fast.

    Cadenza is a luxury car, not a sporty Sedan. It has very nice features in a very affordable price. Best value fo rmoney in my opinion.

    Maxima is very expensive, Aurion is a much much better choice than Maxima.

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