ONYX offers Bentley Continental Platinium GTO package

ONYX offers Bentley Continental Platinium GTO package

Who in their right mind modifies a Bentley? Onyx has gone ahead and done just that with the ONYX Bentley Continental Platinium GTO package.

The Irish tuners, famous for tuning SUVs, have gone ahead and added an aggressive bodykit. With touches of carbon fibre to the exterior on the bumpers, spoiler and a carbon fibre diffuser. The interior wasn’t spared either adding bespoke buffalo hide leather interior and carbon fibre interior panelling. Performance is also upgraded by adding their own suspension lowering system and an engine upgrade, jumping the horsepower from 550 hp to around 640 hp. Also they have added some matte black 22-inch TPM rims to complete the look.

Maybe a few imports of these mean machines will turn up in the UAE and GCC. If you want to check out the latest updates and prices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi on the standard models, check out the Bentley Continental GT buyer guide. Also check out our Bentley Continental GT Speed review.

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  1. bentlies are not suppose to be GTOs!!!!.. they are Sport sedans or sport coupes… but a GTO…. i dont know, this is a luxury car after all…

  2. good love this hot car

  3. They spoiled this perfect car in my opinion.

    Bentley is not a car to play with; it’s too good to be messed like this.

    What an ugly black head lights! This is not a bat man car.

    Just an opinion….

  4. This car is amazing does anyone if I can purchase in UAE?

  5. i hated bentlys before i saw this mean machine ill defo buy 1 wen i win the lotto lol

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