Video of the week: Nissan Patrol 2010 offroad

This here is exclusive video footage, taken by our roving photographer Faisal Khatib, of the 2010 Nissan Patrol on a man-made offroad course during the launch event in Dubai. While the course is standard fare, we seem to be the only ones who caught the high-tech new Patrol tripping on one of the obstacles.

What do you think?



  1. Author

    You guys better appreciate this. My 8-year-old PC took an hour to render the edited video.

  2. a very nice video…
    the quality is really good…
    regarding the tripping…it seems the mode selected in the first two trials was different than the third one..if you noticed the third time he managed to go soooo easly and at very low speed…i liked one thing in this car…it looks as if its flooting and the shock absorbers are really sure its ride will be nice…cant wait to be able to drive one of those monsters…

    thanks again man

    waiting for other nice stuff

  3. BTW: i found it on nissan arabia forum..someone already took it…you can see the arabic comments LOL

  4. Looks like a good offroader.

  5. This sems to a woderful sub but no one mentioned how much miles to the gallon this does it would interested to know knowing to the fact that it is a heavy vehicle I have got a lot of respec for this vehicle.a test drive would be good

  6. An ugly looking Land Cruiser wannabe…

  7. It was driver error – he should have locked his differentials (center and/or rear) before attempting that climb.

    I’ve seen Pajero’s do far tougher courses.

  8. If you watch the Top Gear test of X6 on you tube, you would notice that the X6 failed to climb smaller obstacles.

    This was a driver mistake at the beginning, the drive looks so smooth, similar to a Range Rover test drive I once saw.

    I am sure that a land Cruiser has the same or better offroad capacity.

    Nice car, but they are getting too big!

  9. Dear mash… so get a new pc…

  10. im sorry but i cant consider any of these as obsticles, the car is made for up 10 times worse at least… this is not a proper test… tests are made to check limits i can do any of these with a dam smart for gods sake… no joke… im gonna look for a real test… respect for car … none for driver sorry… 🙁

  11. it could have got better traction with larger tires (and smaller wheel size) as they would spread out a bit more there but nvm, it’s good enough that it Can go up tht thing with those low-profile tires and tackle the downward force of the [seemingly] Much heavier Patrol.

  12. and btw, well-shot and good quality video. probably The best video of the demo, that I have seen.

  13. Author

    Imran Khan: no, emotional attachment
    BJD: Faisal’s SLR still camera

  14. The new patrol looks great. The rear takes sometime getting used to but eventually it is digestable.

    Good video footage guys!

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