Nissan Patrol 2010 launch event in Dubai

Nissan Patrol 2010 launch event in Dubai

As is common knowledge by now, the 2010 Nissan Patrol was launched in Dubai on February 15, at an event on an offroad course within the Jebel Ali Shooting Club. Apparently the course will be used for customer test-drives once the all-new Patrol goes on sale. We have exclusive photos of the course, courtesy of our photographer Faisal Khatib.

It was announced at the event that the 2010 Nissan Patrol will come with two engine choices, contrary to reports elsewhere that only one motor is offered. While the top engine remains the new 400 hp 5.6-litre V8 with direct injection and variable-valve timing, the base engine will be the 317 hp 5.6-litre V8 carried over from the outgoing Armada. No other real details have been released.

Also new is the all-wheel-drive system, with low-range and terrain-specific settings available through an electronic control knob. And the suspension does not have traditional shocks and stabiliser bars any more, relying instead on a computerised hydraulic air suspension system that is independent on all four corners.

Available features also include a 7-speed automatic, 20-inch wheels, hill start, hill descent, electronically-locking rear diff, larger disc brakes, stability control, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, keyless start, rear DVD screens, Arabic navigation system, powered tailgate, automatic braking assist, around-view cameras and other tech features, with the choice of an “off-road” or a “city” front bumper.

We only got to touch and ride along in the Patrol. Initial impressions confirm Nissan bragging that the Patrol is larger than the Toyota Land Cruiser. Cabin material quality is at the level of any high-end luxury brand, and we are hard-pressed to see what more the upcoming Patrol-based 2011 Infiniti QX56 can offer. The ride is isolated and the space is abundant in the first and second row. Access to the third row is easy, but legroom remains tight back there for anyone approaching six feet. The second row cannot be adjusted front and back, but the seatback can recline. The third row can almost fold flat. Luggage room is expectedly voluminous.

The Middle East is the first market to get the 2010 Patrol. Launched in Abu Dhabi and Dubai first, it was followed by debuts in Oman, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, followed by Australia and then other worldwide markets.

Priced between Dsh 180,000 and Dhs 270,000, the new model is tentatively scheduled to go on sale in the UAE by the beginning of April this year, alongside the old 4.8-litre model, which will continue to be in production for a while as a cheaper option. For future prices and updated specs, visit the Nissan Patrol buyer guide soon.

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  1. you pay 270k and you dont get HID lights.

  2. nice photos, and the patrol looks good in white color.

  3. nice photos, the patrol looks good in white color. good job faisal

  4. Awesome obstacle path. Would love to take my FJ there !!

  5. guys old nissan had HID or Zenon. the new one full option does have. are you sure. Please send me some information. thanks

  6. i want to thank at the beginning the shooter..faisal….his photos are very very nice..and the quality is awesome…

    and mash thanks for the review..and the report…
    mash..allow me to take them..they will like those photos in NA forum…
    assassin…i got all the specs..and the LE3 and city options will have HID…
    at least people will pay 270 or 250 and will get HID xenon lights…

    while people pay 360K for Lexus LX570 and it looks like a corolla when you see it from rear mirror…

    BTW: city options with special city bumper will not be available before 3-4 months…

  7. Nice Pics-looks razor sharp, Nice touch up review. Let see how this vehicle scores in coming months.

  8. so, the 12th photo is not the full-option Patrol? because it has normal lights.

  9. Author

    The ones on the course were not full-option cars.

  10. What are Horses doing there are they for towing the patrol !!!!

  11. Does this come in 2 doors like the previous model?

  12. Awesome photography! Nice job Faisal! :]

    Anyways, I will miss that inline-6 cylinder exhaust sound from the old Patrol. And I’m really wondering what the next-gen Infiniti QX will offer better than this Patrol. lol. :]

  13. Thanks for the compliments all…. 🙂

  14. I will buy the 317 horse power manual gear than I will modified it

  15. hehe sohi..the bad news…
    the interior of the QX is almost the same …
    got some pics…

    check out the link:

  16. i added a link for the pics of the QX …
    the interior is almost the same…but my comment didnt show up…
    will try on the forum

  17. sweet nissan land cruiser has finally launched…. again… not big on the looks but am sure it’s gonna drive very nicely 😀 no pavement will be left untouched…

  18. @aaamohamad
    Those irregular head and tail lamps on the Infinty QX look very bad! Whats the difference between this and the Patrol other than those lights?

  19. ^^^
    wait and see

  20. ^
    wohoo, so much confidence, ok will wait to see the Infinity QX. But the Nissan Patrol looks hot with its chiseled lines.

    IS NOT beautiful
    THE Design OF BACK IS VERY Boring

  22. ^ 🙂 who is this Holakoo guy, his typing is funny..

  23. Its great lookin….wanna knw about its fuel consumption..????

  24. BFJ! this guy Holakoo?? seems to be more interested in BACK

  25. i think it looks great i just bought le3 yesterday 29 may 2010 the features i read are very inviting honestly i have never driven any patrol but i have the feelings that this le3 is a good ride and it is worth what i paid for.

  26. 2 things i dont like about it… The complex technology and the unoriginal looks… It looks like a fat pathfinder… & another question is it based on the same platform as the older patrols? or its a pathfinder underneath?
    Old patrol is still a truck id always consider investing my money in.. Along with the many people here that always do think about this car as an option among their choices…

  27. I saw the new patrol at the showroom today. Absolutely love it! Planning to get it. Interior is luxurious! Although the white suede fabric seats is just calling for spills and stains….

  28. When are you going to make a full road test of this Patrol.

  29. front new nissan patrol ugly

  30. does the le grade or even the normal one has a premium sound system ‘bose’ coz no where on the internet have i heard about the bose sound system and neither has nissan anywhere spoken about it

    and btw for all you guys who dont know starting from the le grade all models have xenon projector lights and the cars on the tracks were full options as on the mirror you can see tiny camera’s
    looks yellow though probably because of the sunlight

  31. See that huge chunk of fake chrome where the control knob is? This bit look extremely cheap, I would rather not use decorative chrome at all..

  32. 2012 Nissan Petrol car nice i will go for it.

  33. from side, it look like prado not good

  34. I got one the average consumption during one year is 5.5 km/ ltr. the full tank will cost you these days between 185 to 205 and will allaw you to travel around 650 to 750 kms.

    Its very powerful and I’m really happy with it, and with the nissan service team.

    I see that it is the nicest in it class looking wise.

    I measured my self it can go from 0 to 100 in 6.8 sec and this was the best time, it depends on the whether. and the worst case will be 7.8 sec

    Offroading is veryy smoooth, BUTT you need to get used to the electronic feel of the pedal and gear, cuz somtimes you feel its not responding due to extra safty features for the engine (this happens when you press the throttle repedetly in very narrow intervals)

  35. awesome thing about this car is that it has higher horsepower and torque than the competitors.

  36. HI MASH,

    first of all happy NY.

    quick one: in your ultimate buyer guide (which is great btw) you list the current patrol as being produced since 2013 what you usually only do after a new introduction or facelift.

    –> has the patrol received a facelift for 2013? what are the changes implied?

    thanks a lot for your valuable input,

    @ everyone else feel free to chip in

  37. lol, that i noticed too.. 🙁

    any news on whether a light facelift/ refresh is conming towards the end of the year?

    i assume the patrol is due with changes that may include incorporated daytime LEDs, 1-2 new colours, etc.

    does anyone have any view/ insight here?


    • yep, looks like it. coming in for 2014. question is mainly a) the extend of changes and b) the launch date (end of 2013 vs. earlier 2014)

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