Toyota Avalon 2011 revealed

Toyota Avalon 2011 revealed

With all the recalls Toyota have been doing, they were in the news for a different reason recently, the launch of the Toyota Avalon 2011 model. Bearing the same engine under the bonnet, the re-design has a slight makeover on the exterior. The interior had more changes done which is much improved from the previous model.

The outside has a new wider grille with a new headlight design. The bumpers have been redefined to a ‘trapezoidal’ design. The rear tail-lights have also been changed slightly and is now integrated with LEDs. New 17-inch rims have been added to the Limited range.

In the interior, the leather seats have thicker stitching and ample wood-trim for an upscale finish. The front seats have active headrests as standard. The steering wheel includes controls for Bluetooth hands-free phones, the audio system, climate system, and the information center. New standard equipment include Bluetooth hands-free, music streaming from a compatible device, USB and auxillary connections. The standard Avalon gets a 9-speaker stereo system where as the Limited get the 12-speaker JBL system. A rear-view monitor function is standard in the rear-view mirror or with the navigation system.

The 2011 Toyota Avalon will have the same 24-valve 3.5-litre V6 engine which produces 268 hp. Fuel efficiency is at an impressive 11 litres/100 km in the city and 8.1 litres/100 km on the highway. Safety features include Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist, and TRAC traction control system. TRAC and VSC functions can be switched off by the driver.

The Toyota Avalon 2011 didn’t exactly look to make anything new, but just improve slightly on what’s already there. It should be launched in the UAE and GCC by the end of this year. For the latest specs and updates on the Toyota Avalon in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check the Toyota Avalon buyer guide.

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  1. HOT!

  2. Omg what happened to designers these days?? Are they blind or something?? korean cars look better than japense cars these days… what’s wrong with japanese designers… 🙁 I am really upset of the new japanese designs.. PLEASE LET ME DESIGN CARS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE OUT OF CREATIVITY 🙁

  3. Avalon aint japani car… its an American.
    car is normally for dad’s … but has a gud engine… and I must say superb interior there..!!

  4. decent car !
    I like it.

  5. So this is to compete against the Maxima?
    Nissan +1 – Toyota 0

  6. nice interior though… still favour infinitti’s interiors.

  7. It’s a fair design not bad at all

  8. toyota is in a deeeeep Sh*t…this should be an all new model..but because the bad situation and cost cutting issue…they just did a face lift..the old model looked much used to have its own style..but this is a baby corolla with camry style
    the fog lights are for lexus ES350..and the rear is almost an ES350 design…

    the interior is an improvement over the old model..

  9. It’s front used to be rather boring. Now, its ugly.
    I like the tail lights. The interior is acceptable but could have been better with some other color and wood panels.

  10. bad looking v ugly..

  11. they’re trying to make the avalon into a crown victoria !

  12. design is not bad, but not striking enough…and what bothers me is the pedal! 😀

  13. for how long does the pedal get stuck and brakes remain non-functional?? 😀 😀 😀

  14. nice car….

  15. toyota must hire the most boring designer in the world

  16. hey its predecessor is going on a recall
    guess this also to be like that

  17. Bloody hell! It’s a Camry! Oh wait no… it’s worse!!! The designers must have done this while they were completely intoxicated!

  18. no too much different in total design..yes back lamp more beutiful but still the front is same without any good looking.

    at least the design of Camry SE more beutiful than this..

    this car must be has the best pictures of TOYOTA design cars…because this is like(VIP car)

  19. i love this car man

  20. mash , could you take a Road Test in this ? its not fair to drive all its competitors but this …

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