Hennessey releases F-150 VelocityRaptor 500

Hennessey releases F-150 VelocityRaptor 500

Hennessey Performance has built a new performance package for the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. Calling it the Hennessey VelociRaptor 500, power has been beefed up significantly creating one quick off-road beast.

The 5.4-litre V8 originally has 310 hp. But Hennessey has added a supercharger to boost the power to 501 hp. Torque also jumps to a massive 705 Nm. As a result of these upgrades, 3 seconds are shaved off its 0-60 mph time (0-96 km/h), reaching it in just 5.6 seconds. The Raptor’s Baja-bred suspension makes it highly capable off-road. Hennessey plans to release performance parts and upgrades for the 6.2-litre V8 later this year as well.

A few imports could make it to the UAE. Hennessey says they regularly ship cars to GCC customers straight from the United States. Currently, an official dealer only exists in Saudi Arabia, but Hennessey will ship to any country directly.

For more info on the standard Ford F-150 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check out the Ford F-150 buyer guide.

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  1. nice truck.. monster…

  2. wow.i like what you rite.i like.

  3. Generally not a fan of Ford but wow.. looking at those performance figures and that neat ground clearance, I’d say well done FORD, thats a RAP(tor)

  4. the original raptor itself is said to be a beast; and tis one appears to be the king of all beasts!!! but i dont think too many will make it to UAE; its too massive for the massive traffic here…and parking it in a mall is the last thing anyone wud ever want to do 😀 😀 😀

  5. If people here buy H2s and Avalanches, they’ll buy this too.

  6. ^ nice Truck…. BTW mash, your are respectfully wrong, its a beast yes, but people wont buy it much here because its 2 doors… people tends to buy these beasts in 4 doors versions…. only small number of them whould buy it…. im in a truck sales and i know…

  7. Hennessey is a niche tuner. The stock Raptor will only be offered in 4-door form when it comes here, according to Ford ME.

  8. Thats true…

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