Nissan, Mazda & Jeep join recall season

Nissan, Mazda & Jeep join recall season

For what seemed like ages, there was no rain. But then when it finally rains, it pours. And we aren’t even talking about the stormy local weather. Nissan, Mazda and Jeep have joined the runaway recall bandwagon, while GM and Hyundai have managed to keep their noses clean in the UAE.

Nissan is recalling thousands of American-built models in the GCC for two specific problems. The first ‘voluntary’ recall involves the 2008-2010 Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX56 models, as well as additional Quest and Titan models in the United States. There were three incidents, two in the GCC itself, where pins in the brake pedal assemblies became partially disengaged. The recall affects 15,670 vehicles in this region. Another recall is for faulty fuel gauges in the 2005-2008 Armada, Pathfinder and Xterra models, as well as the Frontier and Titan pickups in the States. The gauge shows more fuel than what is really in the tank. About 32,000 vehicles are affected in the GCC, and owners have to go the dealer for a free fix.

Meanwhile, Chrysler Middle East will recall about 600 of the 2008 Jeep Wrangler automatic models to repair potential defects in their gearboxes. The free ‘service check’ will test the automatic transmission ?uid which in some of the vehicles may overheat under extreme driving conditions, causing the ?uid to boil over. If there is a defect, some ‘minor re-programming of the relevant module’ will be done in an hour, with no parts replaced.

Also, Mazda has some recall going in the States for bum-burning seat heaters in the CX-9, though it is unclear if GCC-spec models are equipped with seat heaters in the first place. In the event of a failure in extreme cold, the heating system may burn the seat cushion surface, with a slight possibility of smoke or fire.

And GM and Hyundai have both released statements saying that major recalls for various US-spec Pontiac models as well as the US-built Hyundai Sonata do not apply here, as Pontiac hasn’t been sold here in a decade, and the Sonata comes here from Korea.

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  1. My friend has an 08 Wrangler that Trading enterprises refuses to look into because it was not serviced with them. He has a perfect service record for the car and his transmission has a major issue. They would not even check it for free and were really rude. Is there someone that we could complain to ? Thanks.

  2. I thought the only thing we will recall is the Zoom Zoom!

  3. @ Arjun if it is still under warranty they have to, talk with there manager or else kill them all … 🙂

  4. Arjun, Trading Enterprises or any other company will not open up your transmission for free to identify a problem. They will charge a checking fee or minor labour. Ask your friend to check for any clause in his warranty booklet which voids the warranty if the vehicle is taken to an outside company for service. If not, sue their a$$e$!

  5. Oh hey! The websites carbon fibre looks much much better today. 😀

  6. Author

    ^ It’s only a sticker. Adds 10 hp.

    Arjun, as far as I am aware, the warranty becomes void on most new cars if you service it outside during the warranty period. The most you can do is make a racket and go as high up as possible.

  7. The carbon fibre doesn’t goes with the page colour not recommended

  8. Now who is still not in the list of recalls, GM ???

  9. Note that all the recalls are originating in the US… and the only one safe is GM.

    Note that GM was bailed out by the US tax payer (Obama) and needs to become profitable and cash positive asap.

    Just a coincidence that all the competition is being taken apart over issues that won’t even manifest in most places/cases or that otherwise would have gone noticed had the US-taxpayer backed regulatory authorities not pushed for immediate disclosure?

    Conspiracy time.

  10. exactly…
    i started to feel that it is US gov. propaganda to support GM… indirect conpiratorial plan!!!

  11. Aslamo alykom, My dad has Armada 2009 model… so we just have to pay a visit to the nissan dealer and he will take care of it for free??

  12. hey first the guys of toyota recalled many cars . nw many other companies started doing this

  13. I got a tweet saying toyota is “evaluating complaints regarding unintended acceleration in REMEDIED cars”

  14. Nissan’s recall isnt a huge problem like innocent people dying in toyota cars.

  15. gm recalls 1.3 million compact cars in north america

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