Hennessey Venom GT packs a mean punch

Hennessey Venom GT packs a mean punch

Tuner company Hennessey has released the Venom GT. It combines British engineering with American muscle as it looks like the Lotus Elise and has a highly tuned Corvette ZR1 engine, giving it the best of both worlds.

The American-built engine will be the 6.2 litre LS9 engine tuned up to produce 725 hp. A Ricardo 6-speed gearbox is fitted in this mid-engine configuration. Later Hennessey plans to release twin-turbo versions of this model, capable of producing 1000 hp and 1200 hp.

Weighing just above 1000 kgs, with the UK-built body and wheels entirely made of carbon fibre. Brembo brakes on 15-inch carbon ceramic rotors are used to stop this machine. An adjustable suspension system allows change in ride height and an active rear spoiler deploys according to your speed. Huge Michelin PS2 tyres are fitted on the rims to combine power with grip.

Only 10 of these will be made by Hennessey each year. Hennessey are making its way into the Middle-East so a few could make its way to the UAE and GCC countries.

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  1. DAMN! I think the driver could die because of the acceleration alone! lol!

  2. Author

    Die of pleasure? Not a bad way to go..

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