Ford Mondeo 2011 gets EcoBoost turbo engine

Ford Mondeo 2011 gets EcoBoost turbo engine

The Belgian-built 2011 Ford Mondeo is claimed to have improved fuel economy, lower emissions and stronger performance thanks to a new EcoBoost petrol-injection turbo engine that is now available in Europe.

Available in sedan, liftback and wagon form, new for the mildly-facelifted 2011 Mondeo is a turbocharged 2.0-litre Ford “EcoBoost” petrol engine. With an output of 200 hp at 5,500 rpm, combined with maximum torque of 300 Nm delivered across a 1,750-4,500 rpm range, the EcoBoost engine enables Mondeo to achieve 0-100 kph acceleration in 7.9 seconds with a top speed of over 230 kph. The engine is mated to a “PowerShift” 6-speed dual-clutch automanual transmission.

Combined fuel economy is as low as 6.4 litres/100 km. Compared with the previous Mondeo 2.3-litre automatic, CO2 emissions are reduced by 19% while delivering 25% more power.

It is unknown if the direct-injection EcoBoost engine will be offered in the GCC, though the facelifted Mondeo should debut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries by the winter of 2010.

Update: A 237 hp 2.0-litre turbo engine was also launched for some European markets.

For UAE prices and GCC updates, keep track of the Ford Mondeo buyer guide.

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  1. 200hp n 300nM torque frm 2.0L engine??? dint that jus beat the Audi A6 2.0T figures? 😀

  2. The hyundai 2.0T GDI engine produces way more power though!!

  3. Author

    +1 to you, brother Viv Richards.

  4. hehe..thnx! 😀

  5. lol everyone here hates audi n vw….

  6. ^^^ naah..i dont Zao 🙂 ..but facts are it is, Mondeo can make an Audi sweat in bends and turns without any sort of electronic crap Audi has; all it needed was a more powerful engine and now it is gon’ get it :)..and i personally think tat all VW’s look boring!! 😀 ..Audi’s look and drive fine; but heard of their numerous reliability probs..

  7. moreover in this market audi’s resale value is much less than merc and bmw….

  8. the look of this car is much better than the current mondeo..even with the slighest mods

  9. hmm..guess finally they ditched dos mazda engines 😛

    nice performance..bye bye merc c class nd beemer 3 series 😀

  10. If my company takes away my current car (Tiida)and allow money instead I am planning a Mondeo/Malibu/Mazda 6. Mondeo is now my first choice from what I read.Not a V6 in any of them. Which is the better of these? With what engines is Mondeo sold in UAE? And is it worth waiting for Mondeo 2011?

  11. 2.0 ltr ecoboost makes 240hp…thats waht i read in carcoop…

  12. Actually, this here is the new look of the 2011 Mondeo.



    Mash, can you please update your post with these new pictures. Thanks

  13. Heard the new Mondeo 2011 facelift comes with only cosmetic changes (like daytime running lights, LED tail lamps etc.) and not with the much required ecoboost engine upgrades…insider info frm a trustworthy source…any news Mash??

  14. Yes you are right Vivek
    I was at Ford Garhoud the other day, and they have displayed the new Mondeo basic version.
    Only slight changes to the grille and lights.

    Engine remains the same.
    One good things is that the weird silver console has been replaced with a black one.
    Basic option still does not have cruise control.

    I was planning on a Mondeo but i think i will shell out a bit more and go for a Taurus

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