Nissan X-Trail 2011 gets a facelift in Europe

Nissan X-Trail 2011 gets a facelift in Europe

While the GCC-spec Nissan X-Trail has been languishing unchanged for almost a decade now, a new-generation X-Trail was already introduced in Europe a few years ago. Now that Euro-spec model has undergone a minor facelift for 2011.

The European-built 2011 X-Trail has a new front grille, front bumper, headlights, LED taillights, new gauges, new 17-inch wheels, new cloth upholstery, trip computer and a glove compartment with standard heat-retention and refrigerator functions.

Also available for the 2011 X-Trail are hill descent control, all-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive, manual or automatic gearboxes, and a new diesel engine.

There is no word about whether the new-generation X-Trail will become available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or any other GCC country.

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  1. still looks ugly.
    andddddd the rear legroom seem to be so tight for a crossover!

  2. Not a great change, however, thank god for the reinstatement of the speedo/tacho where they belong!

  3. With the new dashboard Nissan gains some points. For the other new items – it’s a facelift. The 2009 car scored good points in several tests so why changing something that already has proven to be good.
    And ugly? That’s a question of taste, and you can’t discuss taste. I like it !

  4. I have had 3 X-Trail to date and my brother 4. I thidnk the 2011 update is brilliant. I agree though that you either like 4x4s or not… inbetween. Those that scoff 4x4s…where were you when the UK had snow and ice. I was able to help neighbours to get shopping whilst other cars could not get off of their drives. I know we do not get that much bad weather..but it cetainly feels safe when you are behind the wheel. The automatic version is, in my opinion, the best. Keep up the good work Nissan.

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