BMW X3 2011 unveiled with choice of two engines

BMW X3 2011 unveiled with choice of two engines

The new-for-2011 BMW X3 has finally been revealed, and it looks exactly as one would expect it to look. It is longer, wider and taller than the old model, but its exterior and interior hold no surprises. It looks like BMW has at once chosen to release it with its larger 6-cylinder engine offerings, saving the smaller 4-cylinder engine choices for later.

The X3 shares styling cues with the X5 and the X1, but is generally more conservative, likely on purpose. The X3 now gets BMW’s “angel eyes” headlights, although HID will be optional. LED lamps finish the rear. Compared to its predecessor, the new X3 is 12 mm taller, 83 mm longer, 28 mm wider, and features 12 mm more ground clearance. It rides on a wheelbase that is 15 mm longer, at 2810 mm.

The X3 xDrive28i comes with BMW’s 3.0-litre inline-6, good for 240 hp and 311 Nm of torque, enough for a 0-100 kph run in 6.9 seconds. The X3 xDrive35i comes with the superb turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-6, good for 300 hp and 406 Nm. It manages the 0-100 kph run in 5.7 seconds, with a top speed limited to 240 kph. Both engines get an 8-speed automatic, although a manual is available in some markets. The auto is more efficient than the manual, and can skip gears for quicker downshifting.

The front MacPherson struts and multi-link rear suspension have been redesigned, while electronic damping control is optional, with a choice of Normal, Sport and Sport Plus modes, tweaking throttle response, transmission shifts, steering assist, stability control settings along with suspension firmness.

All-wheel-drive is standard, with a default front-rear torque split of 40:60, though this changes as per conditions. A electronic system called the Performance Control feature can send 80% of torque to the rear under steady throttle, and can brake the inside rear wheel while powering the outside wheel for tighter turn-in.

The interior is typical BMW, except with a few new styling cues around the dashboard. The automatic gets BMW’s joystick-style gear lever now, along with an 8.8-inch iDrive screen and a redesigned steering wheel with paddle shifters. The X3 seats five people and the 60:40 rear seats can fold flat.

Expect the American-built 2011 X3 to hit UAE, Saudi Arabia and GCC showrooms by the winter of this year.

For future prices and updates, visit the BMW X3 buyer guide.

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  1. the front-end looks so cheap to me! I really like the rear end 🙂
    Oh BMW please! you’ve been using that interior for almost a decade now! 😀

  2. BMW can definitely make better headlights than this one. But this refresh was desperately needed – the current X3 looked out dated from the day it was launched.

  3. i agree that the front and the interior is actually overdue for some design changes.

    however, i really like the back and the sleek lines leading towards the back.

    it is going to be interesting to see it live on the streets 🙂

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