Volvo S80 recall amid firm's sale to Geely

Volvo S80 recall amid firm’s sale to Geely

The news of the day is that Ford has finally completed the sale of its Swedish Volvo division to China’s Geely for US$ 1.8 billion. Almost simultaneously, Volvo has announced a recall for all of the S80 sedans for the 2007-2010 model years.

In what amounts to a ridiculous mistake, the maximum permissible tyre pressure information was printed incorrectly in the owner’s manuals and on the sticker pasted to the vehicles’ door jams. Even worse is that the same incorrect tyre-inflation data is hard-coded into the cars’ tyre-pressure monitoring systems.

Volvo claims that it has never received any complaints on the issue and found the problem on its own. The newly-Chinese company will replace the incorrect manuals and stickers, and update the S80’s software to correct the tyre-pressure monitoring system. This simple recall will likely be carried out quietly in the UAE and other GCC countries.

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