Mazda 2 2011 launched in UAE, KSA & Oman

Mazda 2 2011 launched in UAE, KSA & Oman

The 2011 Mazda 2, a facelifted version of the Mazda2 that has been on sale in Europe since 2008, was launched in the UAE today at a lunch event in Dubai. Jostling for attention alongside good chicken and bad beef were the sedan and hatchback models, competitively priced and completing the Mazda range in the GCC.

The Mazda 2 gets a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder DOHC, 16-valve engine that makes 101 hp at 6,000 rpm and 135 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm, only 3 horses less than the heavier 1.6-litre Mazda 3. Mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, the front-wheel-drive Mazda 2 has a rated fuel consumption of 6.8 litres/100 km.

The Mazda 2, based on the Ford Fiesta platform, comes with standard features such as electric power steering, front discs and rear drum brakes, ABS with electronic brake-force distribution, CD stereo, keyless entry, dual front airbags and a single-zone a/c. The interior can be had in either black or two-tone, with ten exterior colours available. The glove-box lid is a unique two-compartment design, with one compartment exposed on top to keep files and papers in. Wheel choices include 14-inch steelies with 175/65 tyres or 15-inch alloys with 185/55 ones.

As with the Fiesta, the interior is small, with good headroom and legroom in the front, but tight in the rear, with padded front-seatbacks for the knees. Cargo space is small, with the sedan having more floor space than the hatch. The seats are cloth-upholstered, and every other piece of cabin trim is hard plastic, with no padded armrests. Comparing it to the Fiesta, the Ford’s vastly different has more soft-touch padding, but a smaller engine under the bonnet.

In the UAE, the Mazda 2 is competitively priced between Dhs 47,000 and Dhs 52,000, with two hatchback and two sedan trim levels. In each trim, the hatchback costs about Dhs 2000 less than the sedan in general. Launch events will be held in Saudi Arabia and Oman, but the car will be sold in all GCC countries.

Keep track of updates for the new Mazda 2 in the Mazda 2 buyer guide.

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  1. r u getting a test drive of this car?

  2. hey guys is there a new nissan sunny comming to this market in 2011? i saw an advertisment today in gulf news classified by autobahn rent a car…it was written advance booking for long lease of new 2011 nissan sedan car 1.8ltr and the pic was something i have never seen before….it doesnt look like existing sunny, tiida or sentra…pls update if anyone knows about this new car…

  3. Author

    Test-drive unlikely. As for the Autobahn ad, that is comedy. The guy who made the ad used a random photoshopped photo off the net.

  4. Looks interesting… I assume it will be better built and better handling than a yaris or equivalent..

  5. MASH… whenever you get this car for a TD, please do a run from Dxb to AD. I want to know how it behaves when a big burly 4×4 goes past it.

  6. Looks better than Yaris, Handling should be good, not sure about fuel efficency, still far far away from Tiida as far as interior space is concerned.The Hatchback looks very good alternative to current hatches in UAE, a refreshing change in look finally.

  7. Not sure about some new Sunny model, but Nissan Sunny Classic is back on roads, it has a different grill and rear is same as previous generation Sunny (The one prior to current series). Both the Classic and Current is parked side by side in showroom. XTrail is back, some 2009 Nissan (other) models are also there with 2010 & 2011 and being sold at discounted prices.

    * discounted (means you are paying the dealer in some or the other way)

  8. This car is just a Ford Fiesta with a mediocre engine, transmission, and fuel economy. ITs just a cheap version, and cheap design. Please read review of this car, where it mentions that the fuel economy for this car is bad for its engine and body size.
    I also saw it on, and it also mentioned that the fuel economy of this car is BAD compared to competitios.

  9. What will be the fuel economy of mazda 2??? when compared to Sunny2010 and TIIDA will it be gud. anybody knows wat is the average fuel economy of nissan sunny 2010??


    also one shot for the uncomming Ford Explorer 2011…. sweeeeeet

  11. HI GUYS

    the next sunny will be due only in 2013 till then it will ahve minor facelifts and all but NISSAN has a suprise for you guys next year in both classes suv and sedan

  12. the colors available are good…gives fresh new look rather than other car providers who provide the same colors making the city dull…nice one mazda

  13. @ Royer, i cant believe ur talking about fuel efficiency when it comes to such a small car..

  14. @ROJ – the main reason people buy such small cars is only fuel economy

  15. the hatchback looks brilliant, seriously. n the green n orange colour makes it look even more fun n funky:D thoh i might c the fate of sucha car bein called, like many of this type, “a girlie car”

    no offences to ne1:)

  16. @ROJ Yaris sells inspite of stupid speedo meter console because of fuel efficiency … Tiida also sells inspite of ugly face…becaue its tremendous value for money…. so when it comes to hatches, people will consider a hatch thats most economical, spacious, best engine, features …so even if a ugly looking car has all these, it will trample every other car in matter how stylish it looks… to sell Mazda has to prove its better than current ecno hatches in town…

  17. i want to know how much does mazda2 costs in oman??

  18. New Nissan Sunny 2011, whoever put this advt, it was a Hoax. Next gen Sunny if it at all exists, should be available on Spyshots, but it is not.

    But keep a look out in 2012 for Next gen Nissan models. Information for some of them is already available on Spyshots.

    Mazda2, not worth the price. More expensive than Yaris with hardly any fuel efficiency or new features. Looks like they just minaturised the Mazda3 specifications & features and put it in a new body that’s all. 10K price gap between 1.5L Mazda2 and 1.6L Mazda3, for just 100cc and few notable features, if this does not concern the customers, I don’t think anything would.Some people have too much money I guess.

  19. Looks are very nice comparing to yaris. i believe 1.5 ltr engine will be quite powerful for this light vehicle comparing to Polo 1.4 ltr. I checked with Mazda dealer it cost dhs.45000 including insurance,registration and free service, sounds good.

  20. Well it’s okay…
    But Come on “Mazda OMAN” you need something new, and it’s a shame not to see RX7 or RX8 in Oman, Why? Because they have Rotary Engines????? is that an excuse?
    Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi in Oman released their finest sports cars in the middle east (350Z, Supra, GTO, Lancer Evolution), why not Mazda bringing RX7???? or RX8???
    Now nissan has GT-R R35… Mazda Oman should improve it’s skills to release sport cars.
    Having Rotary engines is not an excuse, in Japan, USA, Canada, Autrailia and Europe, they’re all humans like us and know how to fix a Rotary Engine!
    We’re in 2011 now, Mazda Oman should be proud in releasing Rotary Engines in Oman and the middle east!

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