Suzuki Kizashi 2011 first Oman shipment sold to Europcar

Suzuki Kizashi 2011 first Oman shipment sold to Europcar

Rental firm Europcar in Oman recently took delivery of a fleet of the all-new 2011 Suzuki Kizashi “Deluxe” model from Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan, the Omani Suzuki dealer. Unless other dealers around the GCC are keeping quiet about it, we’d say Oman is the first country in the Middle East to receive the Kizashi.

As per their press release, it seems the rental and leasing firm has bought out almost the entire first shipment of base Kizashi midsize sedans from the Omani Suzuki dealer. Since the base “Deluxe” models are gone, only a few “Premium” models remain for regular customers. Apparently the car is so good that the Rent-A-Car could not resist buying them.

The Kizashi Deluxe trim comes with a 180 hp 2.4-litre 4-cylinder, CVT automatic, 6 airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, hill hold control, stability control, keyless start, dual zone auto a/c with rear vents, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a CD stereo with a dashboard centre speaker, USB/iPod ports, MP3 and WMA compatibility.

The Kizashi Premium trim comes with extras such as sunroof, cruise control, leather upholstery, 18-inch alloy wheels, 10-way power seats with 3-position memory system, four-way co-passenger power seat, parking sensors front and rear, fog lamps, Rockford Fosgate Audio System with additional sub-woofer, boot-lid spoiler, auto levelling HID headlamps with washers, auto rain-sensing wipers, sport front bumper & side skirts.

The dealer is emphasising its true Made-in-Japan origins and the fact that service intervals are spread every 10,000 km, unlike other pseudo-Japanese brands. The car itself was benchmarked against overpriced Audi models, factory-tested at the Nurburgring and has adequate cabin room, even if less than the usual Japanese midsizers.

It is only a matter of time before the rather good Kizashi reaches UAE, Saudi Arabian and other showrooms. If dealer support elsewhere is as good as it is seems to be in Oman, then this car would have the potential to do well.

Keep track of local updates in the Suzuki buyer guide.

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  1. This car has got some seriously good looks! the relatively large integrated spoiler, the integrated exhaust, projector headlamps, the high window line and the million-spoke rims with low profiles possibly succeeds in making this the best looking Suzuki ever. Well-designed interior with a really good amount of equipment and promises of good handling after testing on the ‘ring.
    Suzuki made one really good sedan here and I wish them all the best with it. 🙂

  2. nice car…but comparing to its concept car, the concept was a stunner….

  3. I understand an AWD version is also on the books for this car which looks like Suzuki’s SX4 on steriods.

  4. 180 hp 2.4L engine..sounds sweet! but i’m not gon’ go gaga over the figures until i get to actually drive it – Hyundai taught me that lesson.. 😛

  5. No matter what the critics say, This suzuki is going to kick the butt of the honda’s/toyota’s and Nissan’s
    Fear All as the Compact performance sedan king has arrived!!!

  6. Any idea on how much the Kizashi Deluxe model costs in Oman???

  7. Actually the car did look good in flesh as i was able to see one in Dammam area in Saudi but don’t know which trim it was.

  8. Oman will love it, alternative for the Subaru Legacy i think..

  9. ^ I think its alternative to the malibu, camry, accord, sonata.. check this out..

  10. I thought i read somewhere its AWD…

  11. Author

    ^optional, but probably not here

  12. ROJ… yes, this would be very nice if they do bring the AWD…. the subaru does…. why shouldnt suzuki..:) 🙂

  13. ^ well anyways the avg. consumer here doesnt care much over here.. If its a good looking car with good price?!?then they’ll take it..

  14. ^ and this Kizashi IS a looker… so its all about if they price it well here…

  15. Any news about Kizashi’s UAE launch ???

  16. anybody knows its price in oman

  17. the kizashi has launched in Saudi and Oman, but the local dealer in the UAE has kept unusually quiet about the launch here. Its like as if they want to push the SX4 sedan or their sister-concerns Nissan altima and similar….

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