Hyundai offers lifetime warranty in Bahrain

Hyundai offers lifetime warranty in Bahrain

For the first time in Bahrain, and possibly the GCC, the exclusive Hyundai dealer in Bahrain is offering a “sensational” lifetime warranty on the entire range of Hyundai models.

First Motors of Bahrain is offering this surprising bumper-to-bumper lifetime warranty with absolutely no mileage limit, covering the owner’s car for life, and is also completely transferable. This is ridiculously generous and seems to have no strings attached. We assume a lot of parts will eventually not be covered due to general wear-and-tear, although defective workmanship can always be argued over.

First Motors is also presenting each new customer with a new Samsung HD 40-inch LCD TV during the holy month of Ramadan.

Along with the lifetime warranty, First Motors also guarantees to buy back the car after three years at 50% of the value, which is a realistic offer for the Korean brand.

It’ll be interesting to see if Hyundai dealers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere follow Bahrain’s lead, and whether other carmakers are brave enough to do this.

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  1. Very interesting…

  2. in uae some of the brands like toyota, nissan, renault, some models of hyundai have started giving 5yrs unlimited warranty…anybody knows what things are in this 5yrs unlimited warranty? once when i checked with hyundai for genesis coupe they said engine, gearbox, ac, exhaust system, body rust etc is covered…

  3. Author

    ^One good thing to come out of Total Recall. Still, BMW offers a 2-year warranty. My refrigerator has a longer warranty than that.

  4. This is good deal to pull away customers from the Jap triad (normally Hyundai targets this segment). This was the practice which helped Hyundai and Kia gain some market in the States when they were unknown in that part of the world.

  5. Hyundai/Kia cars come with a 10 year powertrain warranty thats transferable. Never thought any brand would do that here in the these hot and humid conditions, let alone offer a lifetime warranty (even if it may not be transferable.

  6. ^ the 10 year warranty is offered in US.

  7. Hi everyone. i live in Bahrain and not only is Hyundai offering life time warranty bumper to bumper, i heard that Mitsubishi as well is offering its customers life time warranty. Just wish that Honda , Toyota and Nissan follows the foot steps of Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

  8. Even here in Dubai,,Mitsubishi giving away some freebies thats what my fren said..Oh and toyota is now giving 2years free insurance and 5years unlimted warranty..

    Soon after i heard this,,nissan also giving 5years unlimited warranty now but still only one year free insurance..

  9. @jass
    Are you sure that Mitsubishi is offering a life time warranty on their vehicles in Bahrain?

  10. Rubbish…. Everything is just on paper… they may change some cheap parts or service minor issues… but it has been noted and almost everyone in forum has some or the other different car… has mentioned dealer cheats them as far as warranty or service is concerned.. most of the time they prove that its user fault and warranty is void….

  11. yup that’s Wat i read……….

  12. That’s what i read in the papers…

  13. You got an offer infront of you… Now, its up to you to find out the catch..

  14. How long do they estimate car life length?

    Maybe 5 years in this conditions

  15. I actually read through the details. It is a bumper to bumper warranty, valid as long as you service the car with the dealer. And it is transferable to the next owner of the car too. I think this offer highlights the confidence that Hyundai has in its latest cars and SUV. And let’s be honest, the new models look far better, inside and outside, compared to any of the Japanese brands, with the exception of Honda perhaps. Just like LG and Samsung took over the electronics world, I’m sure Hyundai and Kia will take over the automotive world too! My next car could be a Hyundai 🙂

  16. To Zao — in simple words I agree with royer . Here in UAE car warranty for the korean and jap cars only refers to manufacturing defects. So if ur car is under warranty and toyota decides to recall their car because of some faulty manufacturing then yes you are eligible else its all Bulls. A service contract or powertrain warranty matters. for those in UAE check out ford’s warranty and you will know th difference.

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