UAE petrol prices to increase again

UAE petrol prices to increase again

While people in the UAE are still reeling from the last increase in petrol prices, a newspaper report says that petrol prices are set to increase again after Eid, as the country inches towards going with international market rates for something that is locally available in abundance.

The Gulf News report says that the “next price hike on petrol prices in the UAE will come a few weeks after the Eid holidays”, citing sources inside ADNOC, Abu Dhabi’s government-owned oil company.

According to the report, prices will rise by 20 fils, meaning the cost of Special 95 will increase from Dhs 1.72 to Dhs 1.92 per litre, with similar increases across all types of petrol and diesel. The pricing will likely be uniform at Dubai’s ENOC/EPPCO and Emarat petrol stations as well.

To add insult to injury, the paper says that there might be another increase in prices before the end of 2010, “depending on people’s reaction”, in case you all react positively.

Update: ADNOC denies the newspaper reports.

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  1. lol no tax in this country…but they sqeezing money out of you every possible way…new examples are this fuel price hike and new pay parking system in abu dhabi…surely taxi charges are going to hike again after this fuel price hike…

  2. LOL likd the last part… “there might be another increase in prices before the end of 2010, depending on people’s reaction”.. its really high time we react. shud have reacted the first time they hiked.

  3. The more they increase prices, the more expensive it will become to own truck-SUVs with V8s (maybe even V6s).
    I wonder if this could help raise awareness about the existence of those fuel efficient cars. (I doubt it)

  4. all the conscious people in the UAE should react and protest against this..or this is going to end real bad for the economy..

  5. saudi 50fils and dubai will make 100dhs per liter get happy dubai by squeezing money from salik and petrol just because they want us to use metro but we will not use metro

  6. Gulf news please specify how to react , without getting deport ?

  7. Yup just saw this on Gulf News,,this is ridiculous!! who in their right mind would react positively to this!!

  8. The only conclusion i can draw is now is the time to buy and enjoy v6/v8 so that you get to tell your grandchildren that you used to have one when fuel was affordable…..

  9. com on guys lets make som noises heard this time.. jst so they can make decisions depending people’s reaction this time

  10. its really ridiculous…..better they would implement tax for us rather then this unbearable Mawaqif and 3rd time fuel price hike….

  11. I wouldn’t mind because if you want to drive you can always downgrade to Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3, but it’s like a big tax for the rest because of delivery charges and transport charges and so on.

  12. i am sure if His Highness Sheikh Zayed was still alive such things would have never happened in this country…

  13. This is great news as far as I’m concerned, if it means less traffic!

  14. Author

    ^Somehow I doubt that’ll happen. People simply grumble and pay up.

  15. How can we react? in drivearabia forum? Guys nothing gona happen, No one will say anthing against them. Live in dubai or Go back to your country :D…

  16. aed 2.40/ltr by year end..

  17. ridiculous…. nobody can afford petrol at this price… petrol suppliers are gone crazy….

  18. it is easy what we can do about it… if the new hike comes we stop shopping at their shops. We will just buy petrol and nothing else. These petrol stations are making their profit from the shop only. So if everybody stops shopping at their shops they will start loosing a lot of money. Even more than they win through the price increase. We can all shop at the small groceries anyways which are literally everywhere. This is the only power we got. But it only works if everybody or most of the people are doing it.

  19. the petrol co.s say if the price remains they will make losses….if that’s the case then how did they survive for so many years….they all have become greedy….they only talk about the consumers and squeeze as much money as they can from them by making these stupid statements….

  20. No ones going to react. A few newspapers like Khaleej times and Gulf News will simply raise opinion polls, interview a few disappointed people and then Khalaas

  21. its 100 bucks full tank for my car (from 78 dhs) after two price hikes..after this one, it shall rise to 115 dhs…and by end of year, i’ll be paying almost 130 dhs for a 4-cyl 2.5L sedan!!! that is more than what it used to cost to fill up a single-tank 4.0L Prado..wowww! Keep going UAE..keep goin!

  22. ^ lmao… yes, my currect V6 costs me 100 now to fill up the tank (up from 75)… and i planning to buy a new 4×4 by next year, i think i have to plan again (at least to stick with my ride and keeping it for a longer time)… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the question is, whats next… WHATS NEXT!!!

  23. ^ Nothing, life goes on, your bills double, you adjust to the changes and move ahead..

    Unless somebody got a more brilliant solution.. Please enlighten me…

  24. ^ thats correct, but you got my comment wrong, i mean WHAT next will increase…. petrol prices up, taxi fees up, traffic fines up, grocceries at market up, school fees up, car prices up, WHAT NEXT… salik will doubles????!!!!

  25. just filled the tank of our ’04 mazda 6. It had done 500 km exactly before filling and then filled the tank with 55 litres. hell thats 11l/100km and it’s completely city driving. 😀 wonder how much will come out of only highway driving.

  26. smiley correction: 😛

  27. @Saif….They might have been subsidized by the govt and hence survived..but now its a different situation..they might have to be on their own and the subsidies happens all over the world subsidies in the US..also read few comments on other websites which said the companies in dxb dont import oil from AD but somewhere in the gulf..

  28. ^ i agree, you have a point… also maybe they used to survive from other facilities provided at the petrol stations like the mini marts or car washing and oil/small services section…

  29. well look at the bright at least people will hope fully drive less aggressively

  30. Meh I payed 70-80 for an almost full tank (2007 Altima 2.5S).

    But how the hell the want us to react? Make a rally in Jumeirah Road against this ?

    TBH, it’s fine by me. People just want money, let them have it. Just thank god we do not have taxes here .. aside from Salik which is a “FAIL” plan by RTA followed by another “FAIL” plan which is the Metro.

  31. boys its time to ask your bosses for a pay hike ,thats the only solution for this

  32. Hypocrites… what no tax…housing fee is tax…there is tax on resturant food disguised as service charges apart from forced tips…. same thing with interest in banks … its same all over the world…just that some people don’t accept it… what i mean is why say lies… government needs money for infrastructure, it needs to fill the treasury…since it spent all its money in bringing property companies out of red…so now they have no means of restoring deficit… so they should openly put the additional cost to public and clearly right..orginal price is this and we are putting so much of tax on it… atleast people won’t get that much hurt…instead of blindly increasing the price

  33. Few days ago: Petrol prices in the UAE are set to rise for the third time this year, a source in oil company, Adnoc, has told Gulf News.
    Today: Adnoc, in a statement Tuesday said that this was a completely false news and that it is essential to investigate the accuracy of information and take the news from the correct source before publishing.

  34. Can’t some govt officials give two three good stick wacking to Gulf News with some heavy penalty. Sometimes they even hide the topic that they put in morning. What its some spicy story or what? People get disturbed with this type of confusion creating news akka rumours.

  35. I just cant find a good enough excuse for all the price increases..

  36. This news is for Ramadan Kareem from ENOC/EPPCO and ADNOC…. They care for the community so much…

  37. this is all done for a “strapped-for-cash” Dubai! the Emirate doesnt have money, so such price hikes of a commodity with inelastic demand is a good way to generate money.. thats it!!

  38. Guys take it easy.. In other parts of the world, people are committing suicide for the price hikes..

  39. well other countries are way more expensive and way more poor and way more traffic.
    like bannock, Cairo…
    nobody force anybody ,you can live anywhere you want.
    up to you to decide when to go.
    it is up to them to do calculation how much they can sell petrol also also.

  40. Pfft.. this is nothing compared the price hikes in Canada, where the economy is doing much worse. The prices there is Dhs 3.6 per litre without the price hikes.. And true, its not like the government here would tolerate a negative reaction so I say suck it up or leave.

  41. If traffic reduces cuz fuel increases this means less time is wasted… Which is a good thing..

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