Ford Mustang 2011 gets sticker packages in U.S.

Ford Mustang 2011 gets sticker packages in U.S.

Ford has started offering various optional vinyl sticker packages for their models in the United States, and the latest model to “benefit” from this new programme is the 2011 Ford Mustang.

The sticker packs range from cheesy “clear bonnet” jobs to reverse “racing stripes” ones. Most are available in various colours, including a fake carbon-fibre pattern. Prices range from US$ 299 to as much as US$ 1,000, depending on how much of the car is covered.

The 2011 Ford Mustang will debut in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other markets by the end of this year, in both V6 and V8 forms, with simpler option packages.

Keep track of local updates in the Ford Mustang buyer guide.

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  1. That clear bonnet looks pretty cool.

  2. These packages are sweet! Good job ford!

  3. Any idea how much will the V6 cost, is it going to be at the Sharjah Motor show?

  4. Author

    ^u call and tell me the prices 🙂

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